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Corner Shower vs. Alcove Shower: Which Should You Choose?

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Designing your brand-new bathroom requires making some difficult choices. For instance, you will need to select the right shower for your needs. There’s a world of possibilities, but the most popular options are alcove showers and corner showers.

These two options offer multiple benefits for each type of homeowner, including unique and functional features, overall design, and installation costs. That is why knowing the differences between these two showers is important.

What Are Alcove Showers?

Alcove showers are designed to be installed between two walls. They are enclosed on three sides, with most homeowners adding glass doors or shower curtains for the open side. Because of their ingenious designs, these showers are ideal for bathrooms with limited space.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alcove Showers

These are the most common advantages of alcove showers:

  • Space Optimization: The most obvious advantage of choosing an alcove shower is that it provides good space optimization for your bathroom. Smart alcove shower placement makes it easier to maximize the square footage and add necessary features like shower corner shelves.
  • Budget-Friendly: Although you could perform the shower installation yourself, we always recommend hiring a professional. If you’ve already picked an alcove shower, you’ll find they are easier to install. This also means lower installation costs.
  • Easy Maintenance: Alcove shower enclosures are designed to contain water in the most efficient way possible. Because of this feature, you keep your floors dry, making cleaning and maintenance easier and faster. Additionally, they provide a safer showering experience.

By contrast, here are some of the disadvantages of alcove showers:

  • Overcrowded Space: The biggest drawback of alcove showers is their overall large design. Because they are meant to save space, they can often feel cramped in your bathroom. It’s a shower option better suited for functionality than looks.
  • Limited Design Options: Another drawback of alcove showers is that they don’t offer the same design choices as corner or open showers. In fact, because they are installed against walls, they have a very limited pattern design choice. You will need to be careful when selecting one to match your bathroom’s style.

What Are Corner Showers?

Like the name suggests, corner showers are designed to fit the corner of a bathroom. Unlike alcove showers, they have only two walls as borders instead of three, meaning there are also two open sides requiring glass doors or curtains.

Known for their sleek and modern design, corner showers are found in spacious bathrooms in the most elegant homes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corner Showers

These are the most popular reasons why homeowners prefer corner showers:

  • Modern Aesthetic: If you have a home with a contemporary style, you might want to choose a corner shower for your bathroom. Corner showers have the ideal modern aesthetic that complements your home’s style while adding elegance and luxury.
  • Customization Options: Corner showers have the most versatile shower designs on the market. You can find them in many sizes, styles, and configurations, providing much-needed flexibility when designing your bathroom layout.
  • Better Accessibility: Because they have two open sides rather than just one, corner showers offer advantages for users with disabilities. They often come without curbs to step over, so a walk-in model can be installed in almost any bathroom. Walk-in showers are excellent for wheelchairs, as they offer more space to maneuver.

Here you can find the main disadvantages of corner showers for residential bathrooms:

  • A More Expensive Option: Because of all the added benefits corner showers offer, it’s no wonder they are more expensive than other shower models. In fact, the installation cost is also higher than an alcove shower.
  • More Space Requirements: One of the biggest drawbacks of corner showers is the need for more space to remain functional. They might not need a lot of floor area, but these showers require twice the wall space of an alcove shower.
  • Difficult Cleaning and Maintenance: Another drawback of corner showers is their open sides. They require more frequent cleaning to keep the glass appealing and stain-free.

Comparing Alcove Showers and Corner Showers

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right shower for your home:

Bathroom Aesthetics

When comparing corner showers and alcove showers, it’s important to understand that they have different designs and styles. Corner showers offer a more modern approach that’s appealing for contemporary spaces.

On the other hand, alcove showers have a more outdated style but offer other benefits like space efficiency and affordability.

Space Efficiency

For bathrooms with little space to play with, the best option is an alcove shower. It’s the most efficient choice, as these showers are designed to adapt to your bathroom’s available space.

Overall Cost and Installation Difficulty

Corner shower system with freestanding tub next to it with window and neighboring home

The overall cost and installation difficulty vary depending on the model you pick. However, it’s fair to say corner showers are the most expensive option. They are more difficult to install and have more added benefits, so the price is also higher.

On the other hand, alcove showers can be an affordable option, as well as the best choice for space efficiency. You can even add a shower corner shelf to maximize space storage.

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