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Facts About High-Quality Acrylic Shower Enclosures

People’s lives have become more active and busy, so they have less time to spend cleaning the grout and joints found with tiled walls. Instead of wasting an afternoon trying to remove mold, you can regain that time by replacing tiles with an acrylic wall system.

Top 7 High-End Acrylic Shower Facts You Need to Know

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Here are the most important facts about high-end acrylic shower systems you need to know:

Acrylic Shower and Tub Panels Come in a Variety of Colors and Styles

You can choose from faux-tile-looking panels or luxury panels that give the appearance of colored glass. Since there are various colors and styles available, it is easy to find the right wall kits to fit your budget. With acrylic shower and tub wall panels, you can create a unique look and feel for your bathroom.

The Color of the Shower and Wall Panels Will Not Fade or Stain

One issue with ceramic tiles is they can get stained over time. They can also start to fade with age from repeated cleaning and any exposure to sunlight. With acrylic wall panel kits, this is not an issue. Designed to be long-lasting, you can rest assured that your shower and wall panels will look as good ten years from now as they do when you install them.

There Is No Grout Maintenance Required

Another top industry secret about installing acrylic tub shower enclosures is that they require less grout maintenance than their tile counterparts. The bathroom wall panels are glued to the wall and are a solid piece design, preventing mold growth while reducing the need for constant cleaning.

High-Quality Acrylic Shower and Tub Panels Are Not the Same as “One-Piece” Tub Systems

Acrylic showers include several sections you can use with an existing tub or shower. You can also install the panels when installing a new tub or shower pan, making them easier to install than most wall systems without affecting their classy designs.

Mold and Mildew Are No Longer a Problem or Difficult to Remove

Acrylic wall kits are resistant to mold and mildew, making them easy to clean. If you forget to clean your shower for several months, and mold and mildew start to form, getting rid of it is as easy as using an approved cleaning product and wiping it away.

You Can Order Customized Sizes for Wall Panels to Fit Custom Shower and Tub Installs

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You are not limited to standardized sizes like some wall products. You can have wall panels custom-made to fit a specific wall space for a custom shower or tub. No matter the style and color you want, you can always get it. You’re not limited to those that only fit your bathroom setup.

Installing Acrylic Tub and Shower Enclosure Kits Can Be a DIY Project

If you have the right skills, installing a new tub and shower wall panels is relatively easy and simple. You just need the right tools on hand, along with the right adhesives.

Choose American Bath Enterprises for Your New Acrylic Shower

Are you planning a complete bathroom renovation project or just tired of cleaning tub and shower wall tile? Upgrading to trendy acrylic tub and shower panels will give you a stunning-looking bathroom that is easy to keep clean.

Plus, at American Bath Enterprises, our acrylic bathroom products are both ADA compliant and beautiful! To learn more about our bathtub enclosures and shower enclosure kits, please feel free to browse our online store. Contact us at (888) 228-4925 today!