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8 Creative Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Maximizing the amount of bathroom storage you have can be a challenge, especially when it’s already small, to begin with. The good news? There are many ways to make the most of your existing bathroom space without an expensive renovation, and these tips for small bathrooms are all easy to implement.

1. Maximize Unused Space

An Old Wooden Spice Rack

Look above your bathroom door; if there’s a space between the top of the door and the ceiling, it can be used for extra storage. Just measure to get the right shelf size, grab a couple of brackets, and voila! Extra storage space.

2. Out of Sight

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you can’t use it! The inside of your bathroom cabinet doors is a blank canvas just waiting for more storage. From magnets to hooks, and pods to holders, there are tons of options for adding storage to cabinet door interiors.

3. Instant Sink Storage

Your small bathroom layout may include a teeny-tiny sink, giving you barely enough of the space you need. Placing an equally tiny shelf right over your faucets is an ingenious way to create plenty of room not only for soap, but a shaver, shave cream, and much more.

4. Think Outside the Box

Want more space in your bathroom? Use spice racks. That’s right; we said spice racks! Paint them to match your color scheme, and then install them onto empty wall space beside your mirror or shower. Spice racks can hold multiple bottle sizes, and their design keeps everything secure.

5. Over and Under

If on-the-wall-shelves aren’t possible, try an over-the-toilet shelving unit. If your bathroom sink is open underneath, this can also be an ideal spot for creating extra storage with tiny house bathroom kits that include shelves or baskets.

white ceramic bathtub near white wooden framed glass window

6. Hooks and Rungs

Want to add something a little different but just as functional to your bathroom? A storage ladder’s rungs can be used for hanging towels, and you can also use hooks to attach sliding baskets.

7.  Hanging Pockets

Don’t have a wall-mounted corner shower shelf? Add it to your shower curtain instead. Storage solutions are available that can transform the inside of your shower curtain into storage for soaps, shampoo, and more. Or you can also replace your existing shower curtain with one having built-in pockets.

8. Play the Corners

Another great small bathroom idea if you have a shower only is to look at the corners of your shower. Chances are there’s enough room to install at least one shelf in the corner. Although they may look small, these shelves can add a lot more storage right where you need it most.

There are many options to add bathroom storage. American Bath Enterprises helps you create added functionality and style to your bathroom with bath and shower enclosures, porcelain corner shower shelves, and bathroom storage solutions. Visit us online or call (888) 228-4925 today.