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How to Child-Proof Your Bathroom

For small children, the bathroom can be a place that looks ripe for exploration. There are a lot of things in this area of your home that they don't see anywhere else in the house. Since it is not a room they frequently visit, it sometimes holds a sense of wonder for them. Whether you are thinking of your shower stalls or the medicine cabinet, there are many ways you can child-proof your bathroom to make it safer for curious and clumsy little ones.

Tips for Keeping Bathroom Germs at Bay

Keeping the bathroom clean should be a top priority for everyone. Most people have particular habits and routines they follow when using the bathroom, as well as when they clean it. However, their routines could be creating more bacteria and germs in the bathroom than what they realize.

Bathroom Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Bathroom maintenance isn’t the most glamorous of household chores, but it’s still an essential part of keeping your home clean and secure. Aside from the obvious chores that keep a bathroom in good shape – sweep and mop regularly, clean the toilet weekly, etc. – there are other steps that empowered homeowners can take to help keep their bathrooms operating at peak efficiency.

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