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Baths vs. Showers: Which Is Better?

Chances are everyone reading this article has a preference when it comes to showers vs. baths. We all have our preferred method of bathing and switching to another can feel strange and off-putting. Which method is actually better for you? Or your monthly bills? Or for the environment? We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both baths and showers below.

Hot Showers vs. Cold Showers: Which One is Best?

Showering is an essential part of a person’s daily routine, so much so that most of us take it for granted. We all know how hot we like the water to be and how long we like to take, and we don’t spend much time considering whether or not we should be doing it any other way.

4 Bathroom Water Conservation Tips

We can all do more to save water. Even if you don’t live in one of the drought-afflicted states like California that are currently worrying about whether they’ll have any water at all in the next few years, water conservation is something that all of us should be concerned about, not just because it’s good for the environment, but also because it lowers our monthly water bills, giving us more money to spend on other things.

Warm Water Safety for the Elderly and Disabled

One of the biggest dangers for the elderly and disabled while taking a shower is that of scalding water. When people aren’t in full control of their faculties or their bodies, it becomes easy for them not to realize that they are using water that is too hot to be safe, until it’s too late, leading to burns and other painful conditions.

How to Keep Mold Away from Your Bathtub

Bathroom mold is a problem that many people have. Once mold starts appearing in or around your bathroom shower enclosure or other fixtures, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of, which is why it’s important to start fighting back against mold before it becomes visible. Here are a few helpful mold-fighting tips you can use in your bathtub and around your bathroom:

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