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Wood and White Bathrooms for a Trendy, Relaxing Shower

Among the virtually endless style palettes among bathroom remodel trends, there’s one which continues to be surprisingly trendier than ever: wood and white. What makes this particular option such a desirable way to modernize with bathroom shower enclosures and other products? We take a closer look.

Modern Bathroom Interior

Wood Brings the Outside In

Exposure to nature has many beneficial health effects. When wood is added to any room in a home, it becomes instantly warmer and more inviting. Adding wood in a bathroom can transform it into a stress-relieving sanctuary that soothes in the morning and helps with winding down at the end of a long day.

White Is Clean and Minimalistic

White is an ideal color for a bathroom because white reflects light, increasing the brightness in the room. Also, this shade adds airy flair, not to mention a feeling of cleanliness. Just like wood, modern white bathrooms can also inspire relaxation and calmness.

Not only that, but white is a traditional color. When combined with other traditional elements, a bathroom can make one feel like they’ve taken a trip back in time.

Many Combinations

Wood is available in several shades. The one you choose to combine with white bathroom elements depends on the effect you wish to create. For example, using lighter-colored wood like pine, spruce, or white oak can make small white bathrooms look larger. If contrast and drama are the goals, darker woods like walnut, cherry, and mahogany will definitely deliver.

Autumn Leaves On Wooden

The Best Places to Add White

Where you choose to add white will depend on how bright you wish to go in your bathroom. A white marble tile on the walls can be an ideal modern addition. Keeping wood confined to vanity tops and doors with a white sink can also make it pop.

Another ideal place to add white is to replace tub shower enclosures. A tired-looking bathroom can be completely transformed with a new enclosure because it’ll make the room look like new again. The benefit of installing a new enclosure is that it will be a fraction of the cost of renovating.

Unlike ceramic tiles, enclosures are incredibly easy to clean. They’re also commonly used for remodeling or new construction and so are easy to find. Enclosures are available for the traditional bathtub/shower combination that may be in a bathroom already. If it’s a more recent construction, it may have a separate shower with either two or three walls, for which walk-in shower kits are also available.

For bathrooms having a window that’s below the bathtub or shower wall, you can also get white window kits to go with natural wood elements. These kits completely cover the window frame to protect it from moisture. They’re also very simple to keep clean.

Now that you’ve got some great wood and white bathroom ideas, it’s time to bring them to life. American Bath Enterprises has top-quality enclosures, window kits, shower systems, and much more for every style. Call us at 1-888-228-4925 to get started.