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Which Is the Best Tub Enclosure for Your Home?

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Whether you’ve recently remodeled your bathroom or are planning to do so soon, some of the most significant changes you’ll likely make will be to the bathtub area. During a bathroom renovation, many choose to swap out their old tub for a new one. This is not just for cosmetic reasons but for enhanced functionality as well.

There are different types of creative bath solutions to create a relaxing space. Choosing a tub surround is an essential project. Here is what you need to know about bathtub surround options and how to choose the one that is best for you.

Bathtub Enclosure 101: Choosing Tub Enclosures

Bathtub surrounds are great features that add beauty and functionality to your bathroom. The right enclosure creates a complete look and feel while providing extra support and protection for your tub.

Most bathtub enclosures are made with non-porous materials to protect them from water damage. It can lead to structural damage and be quite expensive to fix. To avoid this problem, we recommend choosing the right surround material.

Surrounds can be made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic
  • Composite stone
  • Cultured marble

When choosing the right tub surround, consider factors such as your price range, material durability, sturdiness, and flexibility. There’s no wrong choice when selecting a tub surround, but choosing a material that meets all your needs is ideal.

Choosing the Right Bathtub Material

When choosing what material to use for your tub surround, there’s a lot to consider. It is a personal decision you’ll want to make based on your budget. It will also depend on the aesthetic and ambiance you want to create in your bathroom.

One of the biggest benefits of bathroom remodeling is that you have total control over the look and feel of your space. You can choose a modern surround that serves as a beautiful focal piece. Or you might go more transitional with a classic look that is subtle yet easy on the eyes.

If you’re working on a smaller budget, tile and acrylic are your best options. Both materials are low-cost and available in various styles, colors, and sizes. If you’re most interested in durability and longevity, go with a surround made with composite materials, cultured marble, or fiberglass. These materials can last 10+ years and are available in beautiful colors and designs.

Additional Tips for Buying the Right Tub Wall Surround

Selecting the proper enclosure for your bath requires more than just the right materials. Tub surroundings aren’t one-size-fits-all, so understanding your bath’s measurements, needs, and style is also essential when choosing correctly. Remember you can buy it nice, or buy it twice!

Here are some additional tips for choosing the right bathtub surround for your home:

Measure Your Tub

To help you choose the right enclosure, you should measure your tub before going shopping. Most tubs are 60 inches long, but the width varies depending on the style and overall budget.

You can find tubs 30 inches wide or 32 inches wide. Therefore, it’s essential to know these dimensions before buying an enclosure.

Ensure the Tub Surround Matches the Tub

We also recommend choosing a tub surround that matches your bath’s style and design. The right color and textures will enhance your bathroom’s look and feel. Additionally, they can even increase your home’s resale value.

For better results, we recommend matching the style of your bathroom’s toilet, ceramic tile patterns, and hardware.

Consider Tub Surround Kits

There are tub surround kits you can easily attach to your wallboards. They might not be the most elegant solutions, but they are affordable and durable.

These kits are usually made of thin waterproof panels, perfect for keeping your bathroom walls safe. However, be careful when using the adhesives during the installation.

If you plan to install the surround kit yourself, we recommend covering your tub with plastic or some towels. It will help you prevent damage and stains.

Why You Need Installation Information for Your Bathtub Enclosures, Whether You Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself

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Among all the home improvement projects, updating your bathtub enclosure might be one of the easiest options. However, drywall and other materials need to be removed in order to create a wall surround for your bathtub. For best outcomes, it’s crucial to consult installation tutorial videos or hire an expert.

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