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Upgrading Your Teen’s Bathroom? Don’t Forget These Bathroom Hacks

So your teen’s bathroom is in dire need of a makeover—but, if they’re fickle like most teens, you might be having a hard time finding just the right elements. These teen bathroom ideas will make it much easier to transform your teen’s bathroom into a more modern space.

Colorful Rolled Towels

Concentrate on Changeable Elements

We all know that trends don’t last. While your teen might be into the latest thing, that doesn’t mean their bathroom has to be. Choosing classic colors and elements will mean you won’t have to go through a bathroom remodel when your teen changes their mind or moves out.

That being said, concentrate on those elements you can easily and affordably change if you need to. For example, shower curtains are available in a wide range of trendy designs. Towels can also be upgraded, as well as fixtures like towel holders and faucets.

Shampoos and Soaps

Just like their bedroom, your teen’s shower can get messy very easily. Shampoo and body wash bottles might line the rim of your tub or they may need to set these items on the floor if there’s no place to store them in a shower.

Hanging shower caddies can hold several items, and you can also add corner shelves for additional storage.

The Feature Wall

Your teen probably has a favorite color. An easy and affordable way to modernize and improve the look of their bathroom is to paint one wall in the shade they love. Feature walls can also be wallpapered or covered with strips of cedar or barn board.

Give Them Plenty of Storage Opportunities

Luxury Faucet and Modern Hygienic Wash Basin

Your teen’s bathroom might be providing lots of potential for clutter. Instead of buying a bigger vanity, look at the existing space and figure out how to maximize it. For example, slide-out metal drawers under the sink are a great modern teen bathroom idea that can store lots of items. Plus, they’re super easy to install.

If there’s room, a shelf or two can make all the difference. Here again, accessories can make it much easier for them to stay organized; great examples are wall-mounted holders for hand soap, cups, and toothbrushes.

Brighten It Up

The best way to brighten any room is to let natural light in. If their bathroom has a window, sheer curtains can let in light while providing privacy. If their window is located in the shower or tub, then a new bathroom window kit might be in order. Changing out light fixtures for something that’s lighter and more modern can also brighten the room.

Light isn’t the only way to brighten a teen bathroom; if they have a standalone shower or tub that’s looking older than it used to, consider shower enclosure kits or tub surrounds. These easy-to-install options can completely transform their bathroom and also make it easier to clean.

Quality bath and shower enclosures from American Bath Enterprises look great and are built to last; call today to start your teen’s bathroom upgrade: 1-888-228-4925.