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How to Turn Your Half Bathroom into a Full Bathroom

Converting a half bathroom into a full bathroom increases the value of your home and helps you compete in the real estate market. Furthermore, this renovation is an achievable home improvement job with a bit of planning and work. We’ll explore how to turn your half bathroom into a full bathroom in three easy steps!

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Step 1: Evaluate Your Space

Before you start knocking down walls, you should consider whether you have sufficient space to make the renovations. Fortunately, you can easily determine how you will expand the space by asking these questions:

  • Is there an adjoining closet next to the half bath? If this is the case, you could take out the closet and make space to add a shower.
  • If there is no adjoining space to expand into, could you possibly move the bathroom to a different area? For example, you could use a bigger pantry off the kitchen or living room, and convert the existing half bath into a new pantry.

Once you determine whether you can expand or relocate the half bath, the next step is to decide whether you will have room for a combination tub/shower, or just a shower unit. Most people opt for a shower stall simply because it takes up the least amount of space. However, creating a dedicated bath space could instantly boost the value of your new bathroom.

There are a few options to choose from, such as installing a shower pan and adding the door, shower wall kits, and other features. Alternatively, you could install a prefab shower stall, which already has almost everything you need.

Step 2: Gut the Room

To get started on the bathroom renovation, it may be necessary to gut the existing powder room. This step involves removing all the existing bathroom elements and replacing them. You might also remove the bathroom tiles to the wall studs and drill holes. You might need to follow this step if you are relocating the bathroom or needing to expand into the wall space behind the sink or toilet.

First, shut off both hot and cold water lines to the bathroom before disconnecting the toilet and sink. In other cases you will be able to leave these fixtures alone. For instance, if you have sufficient room to work, you can remove the wall and install the shower.

Unless you are skilled at plumbing and running new water and drain lines, you will want to hire a professional to do this part of the bathroom remodeling. Some plumbers will also install the shower pan or shower kit you ordered after running the new water and drain lines.

Step 3: Change the Electrical Wiring

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If the half bath currently does not have a bathroom fan and needs to have the lighting upgraded, it is worthwhile to consult with a licensed electrician for assistance with these upgrades. An electrician can make sure the electrical demands for the bathroom will not overload existing wiring and circuit breakers. A licensed electrician can both run the new electrical wiring required and also install additional breakers, if necessary.

This is also a great time to consider installing new flooring and/or painting the walls to give the new bathroom a modern look and feel. Whether you decide to do most of the work yourself or hire a contractor for the entire project, try to remember to be careful when removing sections of the wall. It’s important to be careful because these walls could be support beams for the home, or there could be electrical wiring and plumbing behind the wall.

Renovate Your Bathroom with American Bath Enterprises

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