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Tub and Shower Combos for the Ultimate Master Bathroom

Bathroom Interior with Toilet Sink and Bathtub

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or are simply looking to give your bathroom a fresh new style, changing up your bath and shower layout can make a dramatic difference. One popular choice is to combine a separate tub and shower into a single bathing space. Here are just a few bathroom tub and shower ideas to inspire you.

Why Combine Your Bathtub and Shower?

A shower and tub combo gives you the flexibility to choose whether you want to shower off or soak in the bath. You could even decide to switch gears mid-bathing, moving from a relaxing bath to a rinse under the showerhead. A combined tub and shower design is also more compact than a separate shower and tub, freeing up valuable space for much-needed bathroom storage and elbow room.


If you tend to prefer a nice long soak, you might choose to make your bathtub the focal point. Simply install an overhead shower over a freestanding tub for a result that feels both luxurious and practical. Because the two pieces won’t be physically connected by anything, it also offers a minimalist look and keeps wall space open for bath shelves, caddies, etc. Contain splashes with an attractive sliding glass door or traditional curtain.

Freestanding Bathtub With Overhead Shower

Walk-In Shower and Tub Combo

For something more unique, flip the typical layout on its head. Instead of making the shower an accessory to the tub, consider creating a spacious walk-in shower that houses a tub inside. You can install multiple showerheads and sprayers, or create a natural feel with an overhead rainfall-style shower. There’s no need to worry about splashing or spilling in the bath, as any water that leaves the tub will be taken care of by the shower drain.

Fit-Over Acrylic Shower and Tub Enclosure

For the master bath remodel on a budget, the prospect of paying for demolition and plumbing work can be a deterrent. As a money and time-saving alternative, homeowners can opt for a custom-designed acrylic enclosure that fits right over the top of existing features. This gives an instant “facelift” to any tub while making use of the plumbing that’s already there.
A custom enclosure can also be made with grab bars, shower seats, and other ADA-compliant accessibility features.

Complete Your Master Bathroom with a Custom Shower and Tub Enclosure from American Bath Enterprises, Inc.

With a bathtub and shower combination enclosure from American Bath Enterprises, you can give your master bathroom the look and feel of a complete remodel without having to remove any fixtures or rework the plumbing. Our flexible 2- and 3-wall shower kits can be custom-fitted to spaces of any size or shape, resulting in a clean, seamless look.

To learn more about we can help you create the master bathroom of your dreams, call us at (888) 228-4925.