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Top 9 Tips for Preparing and Stocking Guest Bathrooms for Holiday Guests

Whether you are expecting friends and family to stay with you during the holidays or are hosting a holiday party, you want to make sure guest bathrooms are prepared and stocked correctly with the right guest bathroom toiletries for the holiday season. After all, aside from how your home is decorated for the holidays, your bathrooms will make a big impression on your holiday guests.

Tip #1: Clean guest bathrooms.

Before you start thinking about what things to put in a guest bathroom, do a deep cleaning of each guest bathroom. Don’t forget to sweep and mop the floors and dust around the baseboards. Clean the mirrors so they shine. Clean the shower, tub, and toilet. Wipe off any mold stains on the walls or ceiling with diluted bleach, checking first in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it won’t damage the finish. As a last resort, repaint the room.

Tip #2: Make any necessary repairs.

Christmas SPA Concept

If you have leaking faucets and fixtures or a toilet that doesn’t flush right, put in a call to your plumber to have those things fixed before guests arrive.

Tip #3: Choose decorations that accent your bathroom’s décor.

You want to incorporate the colors and scents of the season using the right decorations that will complement existing décor. You could frame mirrors in white or colored LED lights. You may want to place some seasonal plants in the bathroom, such as poinsettias or lilies. You could even hang up a wreath on the wall or an evergreen garland across the top of mirrors.

Tip #4: Use bathroom linens that fit the season.

Reds, greens, whites, blues, and golds are all appropriate for the holiday season. You can choose bath towels, bath mats, hand towels, and face towels in a variety of holiday colors rather than just one color. Make sure to also stock plenty of clean linens that are easy to find and see.

Tip #5: Add some air fresheners or candles in holiday scents.

If you want to incorporate holiday scents in the bathroom, there are scented candles, oil diffusers, and air fresheners you can use. If you opt for candles, make sure they are placed on a secure candle holder with a base that will catch wax and cannot easily be knocked over.

Tip #6: Place holiday-themed soaps in decorative soap dishes around sinks.

Spa treatment with Christmas decorations on wooden background

You can find holiday-themed and scented soaps to further incorporate the holiday theme in each of your guest bathrooms.

Tip #7: Stock drawers with extra guest bathroom toiletries.

In case your guests forget something, you can make sure you have them covered with travel-sized guest bathroom essentials placed neatly inside bathroom cabinet drawers. Make sure to have disposable razors, shaving gel, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and other essential items.

Tip #8: Don’t forget about bath salts, bubble bath, and hand lotion.

The winter months are typically drier. These bathroom products will make it easy for your guests to ensure their skin gets sufficient moisturizing.

Tip #9: Add some upscale finishing touches.

If you want your guests to feel like they are staying at a five-star resort, you can go above and beyond with different spa products like loofahs, back scrubbers, facial and skin cleansers, and other such items.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate and prepare your guest bathrooms for holiday visitors. Just remember that people will still need to be able to use the bathroom, so you want to make sure the tub, shower, toilet, and sink are all easily accessible.

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