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Tips and Suggestions to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

One of the most overlooked rooms in the home, when it comes to making eco-friendly home improvements, is the bathroom. There are several energy-efficient and green solutions you can implement in your bathroom without having to do a major remodeling project. Here are a few tips to help get you started making your bathroom greener:

  • Upgrade to LED Light Bulbs – Replace light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Limit Water Usage – Turn off the shower while washing and shut off the sink when brushing your teeth. Taking the time to conserve water can help save around four gallons of water per minute.
  • Limit Toilet Flushing – Older toilets use around six gallons of water per flush. It is not necessary to always flush the toilet every time you use it. Try to limit flushes to only when they are required.
  • Upgrade to a Water-Efficient Toilet Flushing Button – There are toilet flushing buttons available that allow you to choose between two different flush cycles and, thereby, conserve water.

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On the other hand, if you want the maximum energy-saving and eco-friendly benefits, then a bathroom remodeling project is your best bet. There are several areas of the bathroom you can remodel to improve its efficiency. Consider the following areas and what can be accomplished by eco-friendly improvements.

  • Replace Bathtub Shower Enclosures – New bathtub shower kits incorporate many energy-saving features. Not only do they make your bathroom look much nicer, but also help you better regulate and control your energy usage, and work well with water regulating fixtures.
  • Water Regulating Fixtures – From low flush toilets to low flow shower heads and faucets, take the time to upgrade to these types of fixtures to reduce water usage and save both water and electricity.
  • Windows – If you have windows in your bathroom, consider replacing them with energy-efficient windows that are better insulated. If you do not have windows, consider having some put in to help bring natural light into this room. This way, you do not have to turn lights on during the day, and will also have a natural way to vent the room to release moisture or unwanted smells without having to run the exhaust fan.
  • Energy-Efficient Light Fixtures – Consider upgrading light fixtures to energy-efficient models. There are all sorts of above-mirror and ceiling models to choose from, and they work great with LED light bulbs.
  • Replace/Upgrade the Exhaust Fan – Get rid of older electric exhaust fans. There are solar-powered exhaust fans available that you can install in your bathroom.

For more tips and suggestions on how to make your bathroom more efficient, or to learn more about our wide variety of bathtub and shower enclosures, contact American Bath Enterprises, Inc. by calling 888-228-4925 to speak to a representative today.