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The Top Reasons Homeowners Remodel a Bathroom

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A bathroom remodeling project can be a major undertaking. Many homeowners choose to go this route to modernize their bathroom. However, an outdated look isn’t the only reason to consider reworking the most functional room in your home. Here are some of the many benefits to bathroom remodeling you should consider:

A Bathroom That’s No Longer Functional

A common reason for a bathroom remodel is the room is so outdated, things continuously break down. It’s hard to relax if you’re always unclogging a toilet, adjusting or fixing leaky faucets, or finding room for storage. Struggling to get in and out of the shower is also unnecessary.

In addition, dull lighting and outdated tiles and fixtures can leave you longing for more. A renovation can, therefore, result in a more relaxing, less stressful experience and a bathroom that reflects your design preferences and personality.

Long-Term Savings

Whether you realize it or not, your bathroom may be wasting more water than you think. You can do something about high utility bills. You can start saving right away by installing water-efficient toilets, fixing/replacing leaky faucets, adding aerators, and replacing your water heater with a tankless, on-demand model.

Invest in Your Home

Updating the bathroom can increase home value and, in fact, comes with one of the most favorable returns of any upgrade. You may recoup half the cost of renovation or more upon resale. Even a minor remodel such as replacing the toilet, tub, or vanity or redoing the floor or tile surround can have a big impact. Modern decorating and color trends tend to have the most value.

More Storage Space

It’s not fun to have clutter, but having a poorly designed bathroom makes clutter almost inevitable. Modern designs can incorporate innovative cabinetry that provides room for cleaning supplies, towels, and toiletries, among other items.

Added counter space is also one of the benefits of bathroom remodeling. A remodeled bathroom can, therefore, mean less of a hassle every time you try to store something. It also makes finding items easier.

Be More Eco-Friendly

Public Restroom Signs with A Disabled Access Symbol

Bathroom remodeling provides many opportunities to consider the environment. You can install energy-efficient fixtures and recyclable materials. Many modern materials are non-toxic and biodegradable, so they have less of an environmental impact when eventually discarded. Even reclaiming and modernizing an older fixture is an eco-friendly approach. For example, you can avoid sending a porcelain sink or tub to a landfill.

Improve Accessibility

One of the leading reasons to remodel a bathroom is to accommodate someone with limited mobility. American Bath Enterprises, Inc. provides specialized shower systems that are wheelchair accessible. They include many ADA-compliant features.

These barrier-free, low-threshold showers include a ramp, adjustable hand-held shower wand, and mixing valve with trim. Stainless steel grab bars and a folding seat are included too. Our showers maximize safety by minimizing the risk of slips and falls, and they provide comfort while bathing.

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