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The Pros Have Spoken! Here Are the Best Small Bathroom Paint Colors

Small Bathroom in Grey

A bathroom should be a peaceful respite in any home. It’s the place you go to unwind and relax by soaking in the bathtub. The bathroom is also where you go to prepare and beautify yourself for the day, and it’s where you go to wash off the day’s hard work.

Making a bathroom relaxing can be hard, especially for small spaces. One of the best ways to transform the ambiance of your bathroom is with the right paint color. Your paintbrush yields all of the power needed to makeover any bathroom in your home!

With the right color, you can make your loo feel stylish and homey. If you’re ready to revamp your bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best bathroom paint colors for small rooms.

Super White – Benjamin Moore

Despite the name, Super White isn’t a paint color that feels cold. Instead, it creates a fresh and modern ambiance that is soothing. This is a color that looks great in small powder rooms as well as in a larger space, such as a master bathroom.

Many people think that a white bathroom will feel cold and sterile, but, when combined with wood and natural accessories, the end result feels clean, modern, and refreshing. Add pops of color using hand towels and other small décor items.

You can make a small bathroom feel even bigger by painting the walls and ceiling using the same color.

Englewood Cliffs – Benjamin Moore

Want to stay neutral but don’t want a white bathroom? Consider Englewood Cliffs by Benjamin Moore. This monochrome color is the perfect option for any bathroom in your home.

The color offers a very soft gray, which serves as the perfect backdrop for any decor. Englewood Cliffs can be modernized with pops of different metals, such as chrome fittings and fixtures. On the other hand, the color also lends itself to more traditional or even modern farmhouse vibes.

Dior Gray – Benjamin Moore

Chrome Clean Shower Head in the Bathroom

While you may have heard that you shouldn’t use dark colors in a small bathroom, it’s possible when done right. You can create a very dramatic ambiance by using a deep color such as Dior Gray.

The key is to only paint half the wall, filling the rest with tile, wainscoting, or some other wall decor. If you’re looking for a bold bathroom design, don’t shy away from darker colors, as they can really change the entire look and feel of the room.

This is a great color to pair with brass and chrome, as well as light gray or white tiles. Dior Gray also looks great with many wood tones.

Renovate Your Bathroom with a New Tub Surround

Is your bathroom due for a total makeover? If so, a new paint color will do the trick for a little while, but there are other upgrades you’ll want to make in order to modernize your bathroom, making it more aesthetically pleasing while also adding functionality.

At American Bath Enterprises, we specialize in bathtub enclosures as well as bathtub surround kits. If your shower or bath tile is cracking or yellowing, a new paint color won’t hide those signs of aging. With a new shower wall or tub surround, you can better enjoy your bathroom for years to come.

Whether you’re interested in bathtub wall panels or some other product, our team is here to help. Call us today at (888) 228-4925 to discuss your bathroom renovation needs.