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The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends for 2019

As one of the most-used areas of your house, it’s easy to become quickly disillusioned with the look of your bathroom, but if you want to change how you feel about your bathroom, there’s no need to go for a full remodel. Simply changing the tiles in your bathroom can have a drastic effect on the feel of the room—and at a fraction of the cost.

Considering a change? Here are the new bathroom tile trends that have caught our eye and look to be taking off in a big way this year.

Spacious Tan and White Master Bathroom with Dark Wood Vanity

The Matte Effect

Both practical and stylish, tiles with a matte finish look set to take over from their glossy cousins in 2019. Because they don’t get as dirty as quickly as shiny tiles, they’re easier to clean and don’t require as much maintenance. They’re also a great way to go for a cozier, more homely feel in your bathroom remodel design, compared to the more clinical feeling that glossy tiles can inspire.

The Metallic Effect

Some daring designers, on the other hand, are going in the complete opposite direction to matte. Splashing your walls and floors with tiles that have a metallic finish might seem too blingy, but do it with the right tones—think rose gold or dark mica—and this can be a fantastically classy counterpoint to an otherwise average color scheme.

Rustic and Exotic Patterns

The right bathroom remodel design should transport you to another time and place— somewhere you’d rather be. That’s why designer tiles are leaning toward two distinct styles in 2019: stencils and graphic patterns in ceramic.

The stenciled look slots perfectly into the rustic, last-century farmhouse theme and speaks to a simpler way of living. Boldly colored patterns, on the other hand, bring to mind opulent Moroccan riads and Mediterranean seaside hotels. Whichever way you lean, this style is sure to provide a striking statement and boundless joy.

Moroccan Tile Floor Pattern

Neutral Colors

Interior designers have been promoting the idea of a feature color for many years now and, while injecting an eye-catching dash of flair can still be done successfully, many say that this trend is on the decline.

Instead, 2019 looks to be the year when if you don’t go for patterns, then you’ll just stick to neutral colors all over. Beige, ivory, gray, and taupe—as well as all shades of white and even newcomer combination “greige”—are making a strong comeback, especially for those looking at an affordable bathroom remodel.


One surprising addition to the frontrunners of 2019 is the humble woodgrain. Hardwood floors have been long favored in many other parts of the house, of course, but it’s not until this year and the marked improvement of tile printing technology that it’s really starting to look good in the bathroom, too. Cut in the same shape as regular floorboards, both dark and light variations make an amazingly natural addition to any bathroom.

Tying It All Together

At the end of the day, what’s most important in 2019 is the same that matters every year: It’s not important what designs you choose, just that everything comes together as a complete package. Want the ultimate bathroom remodel tip? It’s called cohesion or tying it all together.

For a beautiful shower or bath enclosure that aligns with this year’s exciting new vision, turn to American Bath Enterprises. Made in the USA and shipping right across the country and Canada, these systems are built not only to withstand the test of time but to do it in style. Call (888) 228-4925 now for a free estimate or browse our site for all your bathroom renovation and design needs.