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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Thanks to the thousands of dollars that renovations can cost, your bank account probably isn’t ready for a remodel, even though your bathroom may be overdue for one. However, there’s no need to drain your wallet; these budget-friendly remodel ideas are ready to come to the rescue.


Painting the Wall with A Brush Roller

Instead of knocking out walls to make a small bathroom larger, create the illusion of a larger space with paint. Lighter colors allow for more light reflection and will make the bathroom feel airier. A bold, dramatic shade on an end wall will draw the eye to the furthest point of the room, making it appear longer than it is.

Remodeling Showers for Small Bathrooms

Modern products like shower surrounds make it easy to make your bathroom look new for a lot less time and money than you think. Today’s surrounds include detailed instructions and require simple tools so that you can achieve that new look in just a few hours.

Modern materials also make it easier to clean in less time. Instead of scrubbing, all that’s needed is to wipe down walls and floor with a soapy cloth, and then rinse.

Concentrate on Small Details

Another way to achieve a new look in your bathroom is to focus on the small stuff. Give old faucets, drawer pulls, and towel racks an upgrade by swapping out the old for new. You can apply the same strategy to old-looking windows with a new bathroom kit or shower stall remodel kit.

Maximize Space and Create Visual Interest

Wheelchair-Accessible Showers

If you look around your bathroom and can see a lot of wall space, this is a good thing; wall space means you’ve essentially got a blank canvas for adding simple design elements. Consider sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror and shelving on walls and over the toilet.

Another commonly unused space can be found above your bathroom door. If there’s no room or need for more shelving, consider hanging a picture or two. This will do double duty; it’ll transform the look of your bathroom and draw the eye upward to make it look larger.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Looks

Redoing your floor can be enough to make your bathroom look new again, but that doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Modern vinyl flooring, for example, can look like real stone, wood, or expensive tile, and no one has to know but you.

Add Accessibility with ADA-Compliant Bathroom Enclosures

If you’re remodeling because your bathroom needs to be more accessible, there’s plenty you can do on a budget. Wheelchair-accessible shower kits include a lower threshold, folding

seating, grab bar, and more to make your DIY remodel simple and safe.

All You Need for Bathroom Transformation

When you’re ready to remodel on a budget, American Bath Enterprises can help. Whether you want a walk-in shower remodel or a new-looking shower and tub, our products will make your goals easy to achieve. Visit us online or call (888) 228-4925.