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Simple Ways to Save Water with a Bathroom Redesign

Water Flow Into Drain in Bath

If you’ve invested in a bathroom remodel, you may wonder how to save water when taking a bath or when using your bathroom plumbing in general. Saving water can reduce your utility bill or conserve during a drought. There are easy ways to do it, such as:

Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Your fixtures may be wasting more water than you think. Newer models are designed to use less with no compromise in performance. Examples include:

  • Dual Flush Toilets: An inefficient toilet can consume 30% of the water in your home. Low-flush models can cut water consumption by 30% to 60%, as you have the option to select a full or half flush.
  • Water-Efficient Shower Heads: Are available as non-aerating shower heads that pressurize water through small holes, and aerating models that mix water and air; these can use up to 40% less water, depending on the model. Aerating faucets can be installed too.
  • Contoured Bathtubs: Twice as much water is used during a bath than a 10-minute shower. A bathtub designed based on the human body holds less water but concentrates it where needed.

Leak Repair

A small leak, even a dripping faucet, can waste hundreds of gallons of water per month. Fix a leaking faucet no matter how minor it seems. If you’ve tried to fix it, or don’t have the right type of faucet, consider leak-free, water-saving options to improve efficiency.

Don’t Wait Until the Water Hits the Right Temperature

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We’re not telling you to take a cold shower. A thermostatic shower valve lets you pre-set the water temperature and adjust it manually. It avoids running water until the shower reaches the perfect temperature, which can waste hundreds of gallons annually.

Practice Water-Saving Habits

Regardless of your bathroom remodel, you’ll save the most water by conserving. The best ways to save water include:

  • Filling the tub only halfway and plugging the drain while water temperature adjusts.
  • Taking shorter showers; for each minute less, you save about 150 gallons per month.
  • Turning off the faucet while shaving, brushing your teeth, or washing your hands.

Shop for Water-Efficient Bathroom Products

You can start conserving right away by installing eco-friendly fixtures. At American Bath Enterprises, Inc., you’ll find various shower and tub enclosures, pans and bases, and systems. Numerous designs, styles, and configurations are available. Call us at 888-228-4925 to speak with a representative.