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Odd -Shaped Shower Pans and Shower Enclosures: Tips to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

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In the world of bathrooms, not everything is square, rectangular, and round. Sometimes, some people come with these eccentric ideas about wanting an abstract shower design. Later, when you buy the house, you end up with odd-shaped showers pans and shower enclosures.

While you may like the oddness of the bathroom, after a while it is easy to grow tired of trying to keep a strangely shaped shower clean. You may also be looking at the bathroom space and realize it is not being fully utilized to provide you with the features and options you desire.

Before you pick up a sledgehammer and start demolishing the oddly shaped shower, take a moment to review these tips to plan your bathroom remodel.

Tip #1: Will Traditional-Shaped Shower Stall Pans Fit?

This is an important question. If square, rectangular, or angled corner shower stall pans will fit the space, then your remodeling work will not be as difficult. You can use a shower pan kit, along with a shower enclosure kit, to install a new shower that better fits the space.

Tip #2: Call In a Professional

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If you are not so lucky and the space itself is oddly shaped so you cannot use a traditional shower pan kit and enclosure, then you may have to consider a custom shower stall. Yet, you still may be in luck after talking to a professional. They may offer advice on how to convert your oddly shaped bathroom into a more appealing room—like knocking down a wall to expand it into a closet you don’t use.

Tip #3: Convert the Space or Start from Scratch?

If you are happy with the other elements in your bathroom except for your oddly shaped shower, then you just need to covert the shower space, and you don’t have to start from scratch with a complete bathroom remodel.

On the other hand, if you hate the bathroom layout and design, you will definitely want to start from scratch. Starting with a clean slate will allow you to design your dream bathroom with the elements you want the most—like a rainforest shower!

Tip #4: Build a Solid Foundation

Whether you are in luck and go traditional or get stuck having to find the right custom shower kits, you need to make sure the foundation of the shower is solid and waterproofed correctly. You may need special plumbing and drain lines for odd-shaped shower pans.

For the walls, you should still be able to use shower enclosures to save time and not have to worry about cutting tiles or other tedious tasks. Shower enclosures can also be customized to fit the shower stall since they can be cut to size.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Accessories

There are different accessories you will want with your redesigned shower, such as corner shelves. You may also want to have your contractor install a window in the bathroom to bring in more natural light. If you have existing windows, you could even add a bathroom window kits to give the window frames a new look and appearance.

Besides these tips, your other option is to embrace the oddness that is your shower. You can keep the existing shape and give it a makeover so it better reflects your sense of style and taste, such as using custom shower stall shower enclosures or removing a solid wall and replacing it with a glass wall.

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