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Making Bathtub and Shower Combos Work for You

Today, many homeowners are choosing to replace traditional stand-alone bathtubs and showers with combined shower and bathtub enclosures. Not only do they offer the flexibility of taking a bath or shower in a single unit, they also save space, streamline cleaning, and present new decorating possibilities.

Simplistic Bathroom with White Theme

Bathroom renovation gives you the opportunity to start from the ground floor and create a truly ideal experience. Here’s what you can do to make your tub and shower combo really suit your home.


Consider Your Unique Needs

First and foremost, your shower and tub combo should function as you need it to. Do you need an ADA-compliant system for a handicapped family member? What about shower seats and safety bars? What kinds of faucet controls would be easiest for you and your loved ones to use? Do you need a handheld showerhead extension?

It’s also important to think about your lifestyle and preferences. For example, a couple who doesn’t mind bathing together might have a large walk-in shower with two shower heads and a standing tub.

Create the Right Atmosphere

The fixtures, the shower curtain, and the rest of the bathroom’s décor can have an enormous impact. If you like a traditional shabby-chic style, decorate with light neutral colors and soft accents like pale floral fabrics. Want something more modern? Go urban industrial with sleek tile, glass shower doors, and intentionally exposed plumbing

Combining your tub and shower also gives you a chance to start breaking traditional rules and inventing your own. For instance, a large walk-in shower with a tub inside it presents a totally new kind of bathing space. What if you used a stool as a small tub-side table during baths?


Kill the Clutter

A Bathroom with Bath Bombs and Bottles

For the most efficient and comfortable bathing experience, try to keep things very practical and minimal. Keep only the grooming products you know you’ll need in the shower/tub with you, properly organized. Store the rest of the products in a bathroom closet or other organizer, and try to keep the bathroom itself clean and uncluttered.

Making your tub and shower combo a simple and organized place can help you feel more at ease, give you more space to move around, and perhaps even conserve water by shaving off a few minutes of shower time.


Stay In-Budget with an Affordable, Custom-Fitted Bath and Shower Surround

Whether you’re a homeowner giving your bathroom a facelift or a property manager looking to update your apartments, we at American Bath Enterprises, Inc. can help you find bathtub shower combos that truly work for you. We also offer fully ADA-compliant shower systems and a variety of bath accessories for comfort and safety.

Our AmeriWall™ products aren’t just beautiful—they’re also durable, trimmable, and easy to install with seamless bathroom walls. Each one fits perfectly over your existing fixtures, allowing you to give your bathroom a complete facelift without any of the hassle and expense of plumbing work.

Explore our catalog of products online, or call us today at (888) 228-4925 to learn more about what we can do for you and your bathroom.