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Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Spring is here and, if you’re getting ready to renovate your bathroom, you may be wondering how to accomplish an eco-friendly bathroom remodel. Thanks to the many options that are available, achieving an environmentally friendly bathroom can be incredibly easy for you to do.

Environmentally Friendly Bathroom

Reducing Water Usage

How you use the resources in your bathroom can have a significant impact on how eco-friendly your bathroom is. Because water is the most-used resource in this room, it only makes sense to conserve as much as you can. Below are two effective ways to do so.


One of the easiest ways to do this is to install an aerator on your faucet and shower head or purchase updated faucets and shower heads that have aerators built into them. Aerators are incredibly efficient, as they mix air into the water stream so that far less water is used.

The air that’s added allows for the maintenance of steady water pressure, allowing you to enjoy the same shower experience as always.


Placing a brick or other item in your toilet tank to displace and conserve water still works for a lot of people. However, if your toilet is several years—or decades—old, installing a low-flow toilet can be a great idea.

Many of today’s low-flow toilets offer sufficient flushing without using several gallons of water per flush like older toilets do. To enjoy an even higher level of water conservation, you can add a dual-flush option.

This is a two-button flushing system that allows you to press the smaller button for liquids, which uses a small amount of water, and the larger button for solids, which uses more.

You’ll also want to ensure there are no leaks in your bathroom, such as in your shower or tub. If there are, you might consider installing a new enclosure for your tub or shower.

Reducing Electricity Usage

Led Lighting in Bathroom

After water, electricity is the next most-used resource in your bathroom. Once again, there are several options for reducing energy usage in your bathroom.


If you don’t have a window in your shower or bathroom, then you will need some way to vent the humid air outside. Today’s energy-efficient fans can save you far more money than older models will.

Not only that, but modern fans are much more effective at removing moisture-laden air, preventing the formation of mold, which can cause even more damage to health and property.


The lights in your bathroom may only be turned on a few times a day, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be energy-savers, too. A simple switch from incandescent to LED lighting can offer the same warm glow without the energy usage, and it will last several times longer.

It’s incredibly easy to save water and energy in your bathroom, and the great news is that you don’t have to spend a lot. American Bath Enterprises, Inc. can help with high-quality shower inserts, bathroom accessories, window kits and more; call (510) 785-2600 today.