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How to Make Your Home Interior Handicap Accessible

With a little planning, it’s a cinch to ensure the interior of your home is handicap accessible. Most of the required adjustments pertain to safety precautions as well as careful spacing between rooms, appliances, and furniture. Start by expanding the size of hallways and entryways in the home to allow ease of movement. You should also enable side access to common appliances and furnishings; such as tables, ovens, dishwashers, and more.

For more tips on increasing wheelchair accessibility in your home, check out the infographic below. Pay close attention to the bathroom, especially, as safety is paramount here. First, tackle slippery tub and shower surfaces using film or a slip-resistant textured surface, then boost stability with supportive rails. American Bath Enterprises, Inc. can provide everything you need to redo your bathroom for handicap accessibility; including stainless steel grab bars, foldable shower seats, and more.

How to make your home interior handicap accessible infographic

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