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How to Make a Bathroom Handicap Accessible

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Creating a bathroom that is accessible for individuals with limited mobility is an important consideration for many homeowners. Whether you have family members who use a wheelchair, walker, or simply need additional support, remodeling your bathroom can greatly enhance safety and convenience. Accessible bathrooms are not just for the elderly but can benefit people of all ages by providing a safer environment.

Accessible bathrooms incorporate features designed to help individuals maneuver the space easily, reducing the risk of accidents and improving quality of life. While this remodeling project can be costly, the investment in safety and accessibility is worthwhile. Understanding the necessary changes can help you budget and plan effectively for your bathroom renovation.

What Are Accessible Bathrooms?

Accessible bathrooms are the safest for everyone, from kids to the elderly. These bathrooms are safer because they include features designed to help people with limited mobility maneuver the space easily. These features can make a major impact on the lives of your loved ones, which is why they are recommended.

Creating an accessible bathroom can be an expensive remodeling project because it involves adding and installing various safety features. Some of these changes might need you to make structural changes to your bathroom. However, making things easier and more comfortable for friends, loved ones, and guests who need an accessible bathroom layout makes the investment well worth it.

What Does an ADA-Compliant Bathroom Mean?

Making your bathroom more accessible means following the ADA requirements for accessibility and safety. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides some basic guidelines to keep your bathroom accessible to everyone. Although it’s mostly directed to businesses and government facilities, it can help you make your home safer.

Some example features of an ADA-compliant bathroom include:

  • Showers with no step or barrier to enter, making it easy for someone in a wheelchair or with limited mobility to roll or walk in.
  • Sturdy grab bars placed in strategic locations to help people balance and prevent falls.
  • Flexible, handheld showerheads that can be adjusted for use while seated or standing.
  • Flooring that is designed to be slip-resistant, even when wet, to reduce the risk of falls.
  • Sinks and vanities that are lower and have open space underneath, allowing a person in a wheelchair to roll up and use them comfortably.

How to Do an Accessible Bathroom Remodel

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There are dozens of ways to make your bathroom more accessible for everyone. Understanding the basic accessibility needs can help you create a budget for the remodeling project.

To help get you started on altering your bathroom, here are some ideas:

  1. Install a handicapped shower stall with a seat.
    This type of shower has a zero-entry barrier, so you can easily walk or roll your wheelchair into the shower. There are grab bars and a seat to make showering easier and reduce your risk of slipping and falling.
  2. Install grab bars in your existing tub/shower.
    If getting into and out of the tub is not an issue, you should still have grab bars installed as a safety precaution.
  3. Replace the bathroom door with a sliding door.
    If the doorway to the bathroom is tight, you can remove the door and install an overhead sliding door. Plus, sliding doors are also easier to operate if you have arthritis.
  4. Install a wall-mounted toilet that is elevated.
    You can have your plumber install a specially designed wall-mounted toilet, which will be mounted on the wall and raised higher off the ground. This makes getting on and off the toilet seat easier.
  5. Install safety rails around the toilet.
    You will want safety grab bars placed near the toilet to aid in sitting down and getting up from the toilet.
  6. Use lower wall cabinets for easier access.
    Bathroom wall cabinets are typically mounted much higher up and can make reaching items difficult. Have your contractor lower the cabinets. You may also want to remove the doors on some of them so they do not get in your way.
  7. Remove cabinets from under the sink.
    If you use a wheelchair, you need space under the sink for the wheelchair. Taking out the cabinets can provide the necessary space.
  8. Lower the sink to a comfortable level.
    If you are in a wheelchair or need to sit down while brushing your teeth or shaving, have the sink lowered to a level where it is easy for you to reach the faucet and use the sink.
  9. Remove slip hazards from the floor space.
    Take out rugs and bathroom mats that could create a problem moving over them with a wheelchair or walker.
  10. Install slip-resistant flooring.
    It can be helpful to install different flooring that will not get slippery if water or moisture gets on it.
  11. Have handy light switches and electrical outlets.
    You will want to ensure you can easily reach light switches and any electrical outlets in your bathroom. Talk to your electrician about placing them in a location that best reflects your needs.
  12. Add more lighting.
    You could have a window installed to bring in more natural sunlight or new light fixtures to help brighten up the bathroom.

Find the Perfect ADA-Compliant Bathroom Features and Accessories with American Bath Enterprises

Our ADA-compliant shower systems include a range of features designed to enhance accessibility and safety. These showers often have low or zero-entry thresholds, built-in seats, and strategically placed grab bars. The materials used are durable and easy to clean, ensuring both hygiene and longevity. These features are essential for creating a safe and comfortable bathing experience for individuals with limited mobility.

ADA-compliant showers are also customizable to fit your specific needs and preferences. Options such as handheld showerheads, anti-scald valves, and non-slip surfaces add to the overall safety and usability of the bathroom. Investing in these features not only improves accessibility but also adds value to your home.

Are you ready to make your bathroom safer and more accessible? Contact American Bath Enterprises at (888) 228-4925 to explore our range of ADA-compliant and barrier-free shower systems. Our high-quality products are designed to provide you with the best in safety and convenience. Let us help you create a bathroom that meets your needs and enhances your quality of life.