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How Do You Measure a Shower Enclosure?

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The shower enclosure is the part of your shower that prevents water from flooding your floors. Without one, you’ll have to deal with puddles every time you take a shower, and that can be tedious. That’s why having the right measurements for your shower enclosures is so important.

What Is the Standard Size of a Shower?

According to the International Residential Code, the standard shower size should be 30 x 30 inches (76.2 cm). However, in most residential places, a shower should be more than 36 x 36 inches (91.4 cm). This size allows for people with disabilities to maneuver around the shower without risking accidents.

Measuring Shower and Bath Enclosures

The way your measure for a new shower enclosure can vary, depending on the type of shower you want for your bathroom. For example, you can find shower and bathtub enclosures that go all the way up to the ceiling or others that only reach part of the bathroom height.

Here’s what you need to do to measure for new shower doors and enclosures:

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  1. Consider the available space inside your bathroom to decide whether you need a 3-wall or 2-wall enclosure. 3-wall enclosures are ideal for bathrooms with more available space, while 2-wall models are better for smaller spaces.
  2. Start by measuring the length between the floor and ceiling. It should give you an idea of the height you need for your bathroom shower enclosure.
  3. Now, measure the width along the shower threshold. To perform this step, you need to already know the size of your shower.
  4. Use a level to determine if your shower walls and floors are straight. If they are, you are ready to buy your new enclosure. Use the measurements to help your provider find the right size for your shower.

Note: Keep an eye on the shower pans, as you need to consider their sizes when measuring for new enclosures.

Benefits of Shower and Bath Enclosures from American Bath Enterprises

These are some of the benefits of buying American Bath Enterprises shower enclosures:

  • We have shower enclosures of every size and shape to fit your bathroom’s available space.
  • Our shower and bathtub enclosures are made of high-quality materials to provide the best durability possible.
  • All our bathtub and shower enclosures are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Our installation kits come with clear instructions on how to install your shower enclosures.

At American Bath Enterprises, we have a wide selection of high-quality shower enclosures for every need. It doesn’t matter what type of bathroom style you have, we have an option that is ideal for you. You can contact us or check out our website for more information about our products and services!