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Hot Trend: Showers Are the New Star of the Bathroom

Interior of A Bathroom with Shower Cabin

Style preferences change all the time, but the latest bathroom design trends are drawing homeowners away from bathtubs and toward the convenience of showers. A preference for the convenience of a standing shower isn’t necessarily new, but shower-only facilities are quickly becoming the new star of bathroom trends.


The Benefits of Switching to a Shower

For someone who already identifies as a “shower person” instead of a “bath person,” the benefits of showers are clear—you don’t have to wait for the tub to fill, the water never gets cold, you don’t have to worry about fitting comfortably in the basin, etc. Bath lovers, on the other hand, may need more convincing.

The decision is up to you, but here are a few more reasons you may want to forgo the tub.


A Vertical Shower Stall Takes Up Less Space than a Horizontal Bathtub

If you’ve got a small bathroom, opting for a shower-only setup allows you to save horizontal floor space and open up the area. Working with vertical space has always been a great way to minimize crowding in the home, and it can also make it easier to add more storage for towels, grooming products, and other toiletries.


Showers Offer More Flexible Design Options

Beyond choosing the shape and materials of the basin and hardware, there’s not much you can do with a bathtub design. Showers, on the other hand, can take a variety of shapes and sizes and be built with all kinds of accoutrements. You can even use pre-manufactured shower enclosure kits and shower wall kits to create just the look you want.

Create a large walk-in shower experience with multiple showerheads and natural stone tile floors with inset drains. Or, re-tile an existing smaller shower with fresh, stylish tile or stainless steel. Whatever you imagine for your bathroom, there’s a way to make your shower coordinate.


Dermatologists Say Showers May Be Better for Your Skin than Baths

Woman Applying Lotion to Hands

According to New York dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian, showers are much more beneficial than baths for most people, with the exception of those with skin conditions who may benefit from adding things like oats and medicated treatments to their bathwater. By exposing the skin to less water, showers reduce the likelihood that the skin will be stripped of natural oils and left irritated.

If you just can’t say goodbye to your baths entirely, you could opt for a combined bathroom tub and shower replacement instead of a stand-alone shower.


Save Time and Money with Custom Shower Enclosures from American Bath Enterprises, Inc.

Paying someone to remove a tub or attempting a DIY demolition can be expensive and messy. If you’re looking to minimize cost and maximize ease, you may want to consider covering your existing bathtub with one of our guaranteed custom-fit bathroom shower enclosures.

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