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Hacks for Redesigning Your Kids’ Bathroom

Having kids means making certain areas of the home like their bathrooms more accessible—but should you go kid-sized for your little ones or is there a way to make it easier for your kids to access tall sinks and tubs? These hacks will make your kids’ bathroom redesign a breeze.

Ensure Lifelong Functionality

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Kid-only sinks, tubs, and toilets can all make for a cute bathroom redesign, but where it comes to the salability of your home, experts say that keeping these elements adult-sized will make the selling process far easier. Plus, it’ll save you having to renovate back to bigger bathtub enclosures and other features once your kids have grown.

So, how do you ensure your kids can use their bathrooms at every age?  Accessories like anti-scald devices will allow kids to use hot water, but not hot enough to burn. You can also eliminate the age that wear and tear can add by choosing a durable, scratch- and stain-resistant stone like quartz for bathroom countertops.

Update, Don’t Renovate

Old paint, floors, and other surfaces in your kids’ bathroom can start looking its age after a few years. This can be a golden opportunity to update. Paint the walls and add accessories and towels in colors to match. If the bathing area is looking yellow or is starting to crack, consider a brand-new sparkling white bathtub surround; not only will it add brightness, but today’s modern materials make for far easier cleaning.

Even swapping old light and faucet fixtures for more modern alternatives can go a long way toward making any kids’ bathroom look brand new without the high cost.

Keep It Low

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Although a deep tub is a luxurious option for adults, for kids it can mean difficulty getting in and out and bath times that are hard on parents’ knees. Both of these problems can be resolved by choosing a tub having lower sides, as well as a hand-held shower head.

Independence is a huge part of growing up, but adult bathrooms can keep essentials like toothbrushes out of reach. Step stools can help your kids wash their hands, but lower towel bars and shelving are both important elements of a kid-friendly bathroom design that’ll allow them to reach everything on their own and help them feel more grown-up, too.

Meet Their Need for Storage

If your kid sees bath time as a way to play, then some toys are bound to live in the bathroom. A great kids’ bathroom design idea is to store toys in baskets that can be placed on a shelf or in a drawer for easy removal when bath time draws near.

Looking for even more ways to make your kids’ bathroom more modern? American Bath Enterprises has lots of solutions, including high-quality bathtub surround kits, bathtub walls, and much more. Make your kids’ bathroom a place they’ll love; start making your upgrades now by calling us at (888) 228-4925.