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10 Spectacular Colors for Contemporary Powder Rooms

When you’re ready to transform the look of your powder room design, the sheer number of color options can make choosing the best one a difficult process. We’ve put together a list of 10 shades to spark your inspiration.

1. Plum

This shade of rich purple can offer many benefits to your powder room. It’s contemporary but in a subtle, soothing way. Pair plum with a white bathtub shower surround for contrast or paint a single accent wall for added boldness.

Blue Paint Brush Strokes

2. Teal

Teal is known as a jewel tone, and it will add brightness and vibrancy, which is especially beneficial for powder rooms with no windows.

3. Dusty Blue

Dusty blue can be a great choice for a bathroom remodel strategy that includes a classic or vintage vibe, but it can work with any style. This shade allows you to transform your powder room’s look and add a feeling of relaxation at the same time.

4. Green

Green, available in a virtually limitless array of shades, is a way to add that feeling of Zen to your powder room. This color is a great complement to browns and other earthy shades, and it can also be very modern when paired with white.

5. Gold

Gold carries light and reflects it from fixtures or windows for even more brightness. This shade is ideal for an accent wall in a bathroom renovation; pair it with metallic fixtures to complete this look.

6. Black

You may be surprised to see black on a list of what is supposed to contain inspiring shades, but hear us out: Black is one of the best small powder room ideas for adding a little drama and sophistication. When used in moderation, black can go with any color scheme.

7. Brown

Brown brings to mind the warmth and security of wood. So, why not grace the walls of your powder room with this shade? Brown is a terrific complement to metallic tones as well, making choosing accessories easy.

8. Orange

floor marble texture and background

Who doesn’t like watching a fiery sunset? That’s what the right shade of orange can bring to your powder room. It’s a great pairing with other earthy tones like green and brown.

9. Lime

No longer just a refreshing summer fruit, lime is another great powder room paint idea. Add its sunny shade in a solid or striped wall; it’s up to you.

10. Pink

Pink and the other available shades in its family can all be ideal, whether applied as wallpaper or paint. Pair pink with brown, off-white, or even hints of blue for added brightness.

Now that you know some of the best bathroom colors of 2020, it’s time to think of other ways to update your powder room. American Bath Enterprises offers bathroom shower enclosures, window kits, and so much more. Call 888-228-4925 or visit us online to learn more.