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Freestanding Soaking Tub vs. an Alcove Bathtub

Alcove bathtub.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bathtub for your bathroom, there are a number of options to consider. Each option offers unique benefits and drawbacks, from unique designs to affordability and more.

The two most popular options for master bathroom bathtubs are alcove tubs and freestanding soaking tubs. Both have gained popularity among homeowners because of the advantages they offer. However, only one will be the right option for your home!

Choosing the Right Type of Tub for Your Home

The right bathtub for your bathroom will make the entire bathing experience more enjoyable and even safer.

For instance, freestanding soaking and alcove tubs offer advantages like elegance, luxury, affordability, and easy installation. One of these tubs will be perfect for your bathroom, depending on your home’s requirements.

The Pros and Cons of Freestanding Soaking Tubs

If you look for luxury and elegance, there’s no better choice than a freestanding soaking tub. It’s the type of bathtub you’ll find in five-star hotels and the most beautifully designed homes in the country.

A freestanding soaking tub has all four sides exposed, meaning it sits directly on your bathroom floor. It serves as a focal point, attracting attention to your interior decor while enhancing the style and sophistication of your bathroom.

Here are some benefits and advantages of choosing freestanding soaking tubs:

Luxury and Elegance for Your Home

Freestanding soaking tubs provide elegance and luxury because of their unique designs. The materials used for freestanding tubs also impact their sophisticated look, whether it is cast iron, cast stone, stone resin, or more.

Adding one of these clawfoot tubs to your bathroom will increase its visual appeal and your home’s overall resale value.

Versatility Unmatched

The biggest advantage of freestanding soaking tubs is their unique versatility, design, and layout possibilities. Unlike built-in tubs, freestanding models can be placed almost anywhere in your bathroom if you do the proper work with pipes and flooring.

A Better Soaking Experience

Unlike traditional built-in soaking tubs, freestanding tubs have more depth. This means that they offer a more comfortable experience. They allow you to sink deeper into the soaking tub, which is excellent for homeowners looking for a relaxing and therapeutic bath.

More Expensive than Traditional Tubs

Freestanding soaking tubs are the most expensive options because of their benefits. One of these luxurious models can cost anywhere between $3,500 and $4,500, depending on the material, size, and design.

They Require More Space

Another drawback of freestanding tubs is their need for more installation space. Unlike built-in models, a freestanding soaking tub requires space on four sides, making it a poor choice if your bathroom is small.

Difficult Installation and Maintenance

Alcove Bathtub in a white bathroom.

One more drawback of freestanding soaking tubs is their challenging installation process. With a more difficult installation, the price for adding one to your home can increase. This is because not only do you need the tub itself, but you also get a professional to set it up at home.

Besides having difficulty installing it, you will find that keeping a freestanding soaking tub clean can be a constant job.

The Pros and Cons of Alcove Bathtubs

Alcove bathtubs are more cost-effective and space-efficient options for homeowners that still want to enjoy a relaxing bath. Instead of a freestanding model with all sides exposed, an alcove bathtub is designed to fit within a three-walled enclosure.

Here are the benefits of installing alcove bathtubs in your home:

Space Saving Design

Most alcove bathtubs are designed to fit within enclosures located against bathroom walls. This design allows them to be placed in a convenient part of your bathroom. This means you can have a bathtub even in a small bathroom.

Cost-Effective Option

Alcove bathtubs are easier to install and are made of more affordable materials, making them a better option for homeowners on a budget. These models are usually made of fiberglass, acrylic, and sometimes cast stone.

Easier to Maintain and Clean

Their enclosed design makes alcove bathtubs easier to clean and maintain. For instance, the enclosure walls prevent splashes, creating a barrier that keeps the floors dry, reducing the need for shower curtains.

These are the drawbacks of installing alcove bathtubs at home:

Limited Design Options

One of the biggest drawbacks of an alcove bathtub is the aesthetic. The price you pay for affordability comes as a less elegant and luxurious bathtub that is more functional than visually appealing.

Location-Specific Installation

Another disadvantage of alcove bathtubs is that they cannot be installed just anywhere in your bathroom. Instead, these bathtubs can only be placed within enclosures, and those enclosures can only be installed against walls.

Not the Most Comfortable Choice

Alcove bathtubs lack depth and width, providing less comfort than bigger models. You can still have a nice and relaxing bath in an alcove bathtub. However, you might find it uncomfortable after some time soaking there.

Pros and Cons of Freestanding Soaking Tubs vs. an Alcove Bathtub

Now that you know about the benefits and disadvantages of freestanding soaking tubs and alcove bathtubs, it’s time to decide which one is the best for your needs. We will compare both models to help you make a more informed decision.

Here’s how freestanding and built-in tubs compare to one another:

Aesthetic and Design

Freestanding soaking tubs can be customized or designed to match your bathroom’s unique interior design. They enhance the room’s style and elegance while providing excellent functionality and other benefits.

On the other hand, alcove bathtubs are more limited in what you can do with them. Some models can be considered stylish, but the customization options aren’t as significant as freestanding models.

Space and Placement Flexibility

Bath and shower enclosure.

When it comes to placement flexibility, there’s one clear winner, and that’s the freestanding soaking tub. Without the need to be placed against a wall, you can have your soaking tub installed almost anywhere in your bathroom.

However, when it comes to space management and layout, alcove bathtubs are a better option, especially if you don’t have a big bathroom with plenty of free space.

Cost and Installation Factors

If you care about affordability the most, the right option for your home is an alcove bathtub. These bathtubs are more affordable and easier to install, reducing the installation cost and helping you save even more money.

The Soaking Experience!

Because of their design, freestanding bathtubs provide a more immersive and comfortable soaking experience. Their size allows you to stay there for a while without discomfort. Plus, some models are big enough to allow two people inside.

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