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How to Fit a Bath and Shower into a Small Bathroom


Small bathrooms can be challenging, especially for families. With so little space to work with, it might seem as if you have no choice but to accept that you’ll never have the bathroom you want. However, it is possible to turn your small bathroom into something completely different.

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There are several options at your disposal, whether you have a half bath you want to convert into a full bath or a small bathroom needing a makeover. Your objective should be to make sure you have plenty of space left after the remodel. The last thing you want is your bathroom feeling overcrowded and cramped.

In today’s article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the best tips to fit a bath and a shower in a small bathroom. We’ll also share with you the best tips to save space in your bathroom with creative storage ideas.

Things to Consider Before Starting

Here’s what you should keep in mind before fitting a bath and a shower into a small bathroom:

  • You’ll first need to think about the type of shower and tub you want for your bathroom. You might like to consider a combined shower and bath, which is ideal for small spaces. Once you know the bath and shower you want, you can get a better read on the space you’ll need.
  • Think about functionality above anything else before starting the renovations. Looks are important, but you want your bathroom to be easy to use and the bath and shower easy to access.
  • Always consider the total square footage of your bathroom before buying your new bath or shower. The square footage is the total flat space you’ll find in a determined area, and it is important when deciding which items can fit in your small bathroom.
  • You can take this time to think about the “room feel” you want to achieve. Maybe you’ll want to change more than just adding a bath or a shower. You can choose to make the windows bigger to get more natural light inside or change the floor tiles to something more colorful.

Note: There are no rules for interior design, so you can do what you consider best for your space. However, it is essential to always think about how the room will work once you add your new bath or shower.

Tips for Fitting a Bath and a Shower Into a Small Bathroom

Here are some small bathroom ideas for how to fit a bath and shower into a small bathroom.

Tap into Hidden Spaces

Is your downstairs bathroom beside the stairs? If so, you could knock down the wall and expand the bathroom into the space under the stairs. We know it might sound like a drastic measure, but it can mean the difference between a crowded room and the right floor space to add a bath and a shower. This tip also works if you have a hall closet next to the bathroom. All you need to do is get rid of it and use the remaining space to add the shower or bath you want. The more space you can make in your bathroom, the easier it will be to add more elements to it.

Get Rid of Bathroom Linen Closets

In bathrooms that have linen closets in them, you can remove those and reclaim bathroom space. Before you discard this tip, consider all of the valuable wall space that goes unused. You could put shelving on the walls or even above the door to have storage space for items currently in the linen closets.

You could also hang small, wall-mountable linen cabinets on the walls if you need space to store your toiletries. Or you could use the space near the ceiling to add a couple of shelves for storage.

Cut Corners and Create Angles

You do not have to have a square shower or a rectangular tub design. Angling the shower or the placement of the tub can make them fit better. That way, you can play with the space in the corners without making the powder room feel overcrowded.

2-wall glass shower enclosures could be perfect for smaller bathrooms. They can help you save space so that you don’t have to relinquish the idea of having a bath and a shower in your tiny bathroom.

Another great option is to angle the sink cabinet to save some space you can later use for a shower or a tub. You can also reduce the size of your sink cabinet before angling it to get even more space.

Tip: You can move almost every item in your bathroom to a corner, whether it is the sink or the toilet. Doing this will not only make your bathroom look bigger, but it will give you the space you need to add the shower or bath you’ve been dreaming of having.

Combine the Shower and Tub in the Same Space

One current design trend is to place the shower and tub in the same space. In other words, you set the tub inside the shower, but the two elements remain separate and independent from one another.

The idea behind this option is to have a bigger-than-average shower. That way, you can use the shower without having to get into the tub. This setup is especially helpful when trying to keep the tub and shower separate without missing out on either.

Tip: Using glass doors for your shower will make the bathroom space look bigger than it is. You can also use bright or light colored bathroom tiles combined with natural light to make the room feel more spacious.

Think About the Type of Soaking Tub You Want

It can be challenging to add a soaking tub to a smaller-sized bathroom when you already have a shower. You will want to keep the space open enough to maneuver easily so that you can access every part of the bathroom without any difficulty.

You can turn your shower into a combined shower and tub, or you can consider a Japanese or Greek-style tub. These models are a lot smaller than the average soaking tub, and they allow you to save a lot of space.

If you choose one of these models, you can easily combine it with a separate wall-mounted shower. Doing this will allow you to have the bathroom you’ve always wanted without compromising functionality.

Other Ideas to Save Space in your Bathroom

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Here are some other options if you want to save the most space in your bathroom:

  • A wall-hanging toilet is a new trend perfect for small spaces. This model is smaller but functions the same way. That way, you can save space while making your bathroom look bigger and modern.
  • You can repurpose a wooden ladder as a vintage shelf to store all your toiletries. It is a DIY option that can give your bathroom a unique look while giving you the necessary space to keep items.
  • Adding a new window to your bathroom will increase the amount of natural light that goes inside. The increased natural light combined with brightly colored tiles will make your small bathroom feel more spacious.
  • You can also add some new mirrors to the bathroom walls. Mirrors can trick the eyes, making them see a bigger space than there really is.
  • Finally, you can use the corner space of your shower for storage. You can easily add a waterproof shelf to the shower so that you can store your shampoo, soap, and other items.

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