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Fabulous Bathrooms Color Trends for This Fall

Interior of Modern Clean Bathroom

In just a few months, summer will be winding down and we’ll be entering the season of pumpkins, hot apple cider, and giving thanks. Fall is a very unique season, marked by bold jewel colors and tons of warm tones that are welcoming to anyone who enters your home.

If you want to celebrate the change of seasons inside your home, the bathroom is an ideal space to create a fresh new look. What’s even better is that you don’t have to completely renovate the space to make it look brand new. A fresh coat of paint and some accessories can breathe new life into any bathroom.

If you’re interested in completing renovating your bathroom, fall is the perfect time to take on a larger project, such as having a new bathtub surround installed.

Keep reading to learn about some of the top bathroom color schemes for this fall.

Pops of Orange

When you think of fall, the first color to pop into your mind is probably orange. While it’s a color that screams autumn, it can be a risky color, especially if used the wrong way. Yet, orange in a bathroom can add just the right amount of color. When paired with neutrals, such as light tans, beiges, and even warm whites, orange can look great.

If you don’t want to change the bathroom paint to orange, consider bringing in pops of color with accessories. Hand towels, pumpkin decor, and even an orange floor mat can bring in just the right amount of fall without going overboard.

Warm Yellows

Yellow has been a trending color since 2019 but, when it comes to fall, you want to stay away from light, pastel yellows. Instead, embrace warm, cozy tones. Yellow is a very welcoming color.

Whether your home is modern, farmhouse, rustic, or transitional, yellow can fit in perfectly. The key is finding the right balance between pops of yellow and neutral colors, such as white and even navy blue. Wood accents also look amazing with yellow.

Muted Greens

White Marble and Dark Green Loft Bathroom With A Sink

When you think of green, you probably think of spring, but the right green colors lean more toward fall. Sage green, emerald green, and muted/matte greens can give your home that fall feeling without going overboard.

There are all sorts of green paints available that are perfect for bathrooms. If you’re renovating a powder room, stick with lighter greens. For larger spaces, you can go with darker tones. Green accessories, such as hand towels, rugs, or even a green vanity can completely transform your space.

Interested in a Full Fall Bathroom Renovation?

With cooler weather, fall is a great time to knock out some projects that you didn’t have time for in the spring. If you want to modernize your bathroom while also adding functionality and comfort, consider a bathtub surround. At American Bath Enterprises, Inc., we have a variety of bathtub enclosures.

New bathroom wall panels will not only make your bathroom look brand new, but they can be customized to meet your needs. Imagine how shocked your guests will be when spending time at your home for Thanksgiving!

For all of your bathroom renovation needs, we’re the company for you. Contact our team today at (888) 228-4925 to discuss your project.