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Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Cozy This Winter

Now that winter is here, you may dread going outside, but being inside can be just as cringe-worthy if your bathroom is not set up to be warm and welcoming. Not to worry; these tips for a cozy bathroom will add enough warmth and style to last you until spring.

Woman Feet Standing On Old White Carpet

Focus on the Floor

Bathroom floors are notorious for becoming frigid during the winter months. Solve this problem by investing in one or more fuzzy floor coverings; bathroom rugs will insulate your feet from the cold and help the room hold heat. If you’re looking to add a little luxury, consider installing in-floor heating to keep your tootsies warm.

Incorporate Cozy Bathroom Design

Did you know that your bathroom can feel warmer without the addition of heat? It’s true; adding warm colors like terra cotta and doing a shower replacement complete with a new showerhead can help you feel warmer and more relaxed. Tropical plants can be very happy in humid bathrooms and will increase the warmth of the room as they purify the air.

Make Sure It Can Take the Heat

A bathroom will definitely feel much colder if it’s leaking heated air or not receiving enough heat. Check around windows for air leaks by feeling for cold air or holding a flame near the seal. If it feels cold or the flame moves, it’s time to seal that leak with a new layer of caulking.

If you have a radiator in your bathroom but it doesn’t feel as warm as it should, you may need to bleed the air out of it. Just turn the bleed valve counter-clockwise until you hear hissing, and then turn clockwise when you see water. Opening floor or ceiling vents a few minutes before entering the bathroom can help keep you warm. Opening the door when not in use will also let in heat.

In-Shower Accessories

Soft Comfortable Bathrobe

There may be lots of storage outside your bathtub or shower for the products you use, but if you’re constantly having to open the shower curtain or door to get what you need, you’re allowing precious heat to escape. Installing corner shelves will keep what you need nearby and keep the heat locked in.

Cozy Cover-Ups

Investing in some thick and thirsty towels is a great cozy bathroom idea that will make exiting your bath or shower a lot more cozy in winter; bonus points if you install a towel warmer. Once you’ve dried off, wrapping yourself in a fuzzy bathrobe will help to make winter much more bearable.

Covering up a tired-looking shower can add brightness and warmth to your bathroom, and you can purchase and install these shower kits on your own.

Now that you know how to make a bathroom cozy, it’s time to turn those ideas into reality. With top-quality enclosures, corner shower kits, and more, American Bath Enterprises can help bring your bathroom to life. Start today by visiting us online or calling (888) 228-4925.