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Designing the Ultimate Children’s Bathroom

When little feet are running for the bathroom, imagine all the obstacles they face. Standard construction designs are based around the needs of an average-sized adult, leaving many things out of reach or difficult for children to manage. Looking into kid’s bathroom design improvements can make everything from toothbrushing to bath-time easier for you and your children.

How can we rethink the standards when designing a bathroom for children? Let’s look into the fundamentals of kid-friendly bathroom designs and how you can incorporate these tips into your home.

Little Children in Swimsuits Play in The Bathroom

Design the Room for Both Kids and Parents

One of the principles of good design is that form follows function. Designing a  kid-friendly bathroom should start by looking at how this space will actually be used. A kid’s bathroom should allow children to take care of as much as possible independently, while incorporating the right spaces and fixtures to allow parents or caregivers to do the things they need to do.

Some of the best kid’s bathroom ideas to consider include:

  • Lowering the standard cabinet height of 36 inches
  • Installing a sink designed for a shorter arm reach
  • Putting the toilet in a space at least 42 inches across, rather than the standard 30 inches
  • Adding built-in seating next to the tub or in the shower
  • Using motion sensor bathroom lights and faucets
  • Installing a tub or shower surround with handles and rounded storage compartments
  • Lowering shelving and keeping daily supplies in easy-to-reach drawers
  • Removing the medicine cabinet and keeping all medications elsewhere

Choose Decor You Can Change Over Time

Choosing themed childrens bathroom decor items that can be changed as your children grow will help you keep up to speed with their favorite characters, sports, or colors. Use one bright paint color and one or two complementary tones as the basis of your design, and then add age-appropriate touches.

Themed bathroom decor items which can be easily changed include:

  • Wallpaper borders
  • Shower curtains
  • Decals or painted murals
  • Bathroom rugs and towels
  • Toothbrush and soap holders

Father and daughter brushing teeth standing in bathroom.

Incorporate Essential Safety Features in Your Design

Save some of your decorating budget for new kid’s bathroom accessories with safety in mind. Just some of the child safety products available include:

  • Adhesive pads or strips for the tub or shower
  • Drain and faucet covers for the bath or shower, many of them in kid-friendly designs
  • A cover clamp for the toilet lid, or a soft-closing toilet
  • Faucets and fixtures that have a pre-set water temperature

Replacing Outdated Materials and Fixtures

When building a new home, incorporating these unique kid’s bathroom ideas starts with selecting the best bathtub or shower enclosure as the basis of your design. Browse the best products available from American Bath Enterprises, especially ADA-compliant and accessible shower safety systems.

We have the products you need to bring your bathroom ideas to life, with easy installation instructions and how to videos available. When you are ready to design the best bathroom for your family, start with the high-quality and safety-focused enclosures, surrounds, and bathroom window kits we offer at American Bath Enterprises.