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Painting Your Bathroom Walls: What Colors To Use

Blank walls being painted

Interior designers use color to communicate moods and feelings in every space. Though we all prefer different shades, colors are known to have a universal effect. For example, “cool” colors like blues and greens are often described as calming, whereas “warm” reds and oranges can feel livelier. Give your house a makeover using color psychology, changing décor schemes in common areas, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

Deep Blues

Make your home a relaxing and inviting place by painting rooms in shades of blue. Though many describe blue as being peaceful or tranquil, the color is often considered unappetizing and should not be used heavily in kitchen spaces or dining rooms. However, it is a great hue for areas of the home where there is water, like a bathroom space. Try blue tiles and acrylic shower walls to bring a sense of calm to the bathrooms in your home.

Sunrise Shades

Whereas “cool” colors can be relaxing, “warm” tones like shades of red and orange can trigger energetic or powerful emotions:

  • Orange is a vibrant color that can bring life to home décor projects. It can be overwhelming in large swatches, however, so limit orange to small spaces like walk-in closets or guest bathrooms. A light peach bathroom would create a lovely retro-inspired look, for example, especially with splashes of white (such as sleek ceramic tiles and fixtures).
  • Red is a powerful color that calls strong emotions to mind. It can evoke warmth, excitement, or even intensity. Just think of how the color is used in the English language, with phrases such as “red-handed,” “paint the town red,” or “seeing red” part of everyday vernacular. Red can be used in bold home applications, like painting a modern living room a shade of deep rust, or using a cherry red paint to accent window trim or baseboards.

Pink is the universal color of love and romance. Lighter shades are thought to have a calming effect, especially when used in kid’s rooms. Pale pink is a great choice for a nursery, and would even work well in an older girl’s room. Use painter’s tape to block off sections of a white wall, and layer on pink paint for a fun striped design.

Green Painted Wall

Natural Tones

Studio “green rooms” are typically painted this color to invoke calm before stage performances. Not only is green relaxing, but it can also pay homage to nature. This shade would be ideal in a room with dark furniture, like a manly study or office space. Try a light olive shade of paint accented with dark wood picture frames, khaki leather furniture, and a striking mahogany desk.

Sunny Hues

Known for cheeriness, the color yellow is an instant-mood lifter. When using this color in home décor applications, it’s best to go with a lighter color to prevent eyestrain. For example, pastel curtains or soft yellow walls add a bright and welcoming appeal to many homes, whereas a neon yellow couch would be overwhelming, in most instances.

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