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Benefits of Acrylic Shower Walls

Bathroom Interior with Minimalistic Shower and White Toilet Sink and Bathtub

There are all sorts of options to choose from when having a new shower installed in your home. You can pick what kind of shower doors you want and what type of hardware should be installed. Most importantly, you’ll be deciding what type of shower wall panels you want to have.

The most common types of shower walls are acrylic and tile. While tile shower walls offer more decorative and eye-catching designs, acrylic walls offer a ton of benefits that are worth considering. Keep reading to learn the perks of choosing acrylic shower walls.

Low Maintenance

Keeping a tile shower clean is no easy feat. Depending on how the tile was installed, you not only have tiles to keep clean but grout as well. With acrylic walls, you only need a clean cloth and dish soap to keep them looking good as new. On the other hand, tile walls often require extra scrubbing and elbow grease to keep them looking nice.

Another perk of acrylic shower wall panels is that they offer reliable waterproofing. Because acrylic is non-porous, there’s no risk of water damage. Acrylic also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, which is all too common in most bathrooms.

Less Expensive

Installing a new shower on a budget? If you don’t have tons of money to put into a new shower but want an option that looks nice, acrylic walls are the smartest option. Most acrylic shower panels cost hundreds of dollars, while tile walls can be in the thousands.

Modern & Attractive

Another benefit to choosing acrylic shower wall panels instead of tiles is that they offer a modern and clean look. If you want your new shower to offer a smooth and gleaming look, acrylic walls are the best option.

Modern Stone Grey Tiled Bathroom

What’s nice about acrylic walls is that there are panels that are decorative. You’ll find some wall panels are available in a stone or tile finish, which gives you the look of a stone wall without losing the benefits of acrylic.

Easier Installation

No matter if you’re installing a new shower on your own or hiring a professional contractor to do it for you, the fact is that acrylic walls are much easier to install. This is because the walls are lightweight, especially when compared to tiles or marble.

If you’re having a new shower stall remodel done in a tight space, acrylic shower panels are the most maneuverability. Unlike tile walls, there’s no need to create a design or use extra materials like grout. By choosing acrylic walls, you could have a new shower in a day!

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