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Bathroom Upgrades on a Budget

Compared to other rooms in the home, updating the design of your bathroom is a relatively inexpensive task. Unlike kitchen or living room remodels that require costly cabinet installation and carpet replacement, the smaller size of most bathrooms allows for a manageable upgrade. From tackling DIY projects, to installing shower enclosure kits, there are many options for redoing the bathrooms in your home on a budget.

Refresh and Renew

You’d be amazed what a little cleanup can do to change a bathroom space. Make time for deep cleaning beyond your usual scrubbing and mopping, then try giving your bathroom a whole new look with a coat of paint. You can also freshen up the overall room for less by redoing worn out caulk and grout.

Swapping Hardware and Fixtures

Install new faucets and showerheads to give your bathroom a modern update. If you add matching door knobs and drawer pulls, you can create a brand new décor scheme without breaking the bank. Depending on your budget, there are many other areas of the bathroom that can be replaced to create an instant upgrade; including mirrors, vanities, toilet seats, and shower curtains.

Get Creative with Counters

If your countertops have seen better days, here are a few tips to save on replacements:

  • Look for Granite Remnants: Many granite shops sell stone scraps that weren’t needed in other design projects. Since bathrooms have smaller countertops than other rooms in the home, it might be possible to find a slab that is just large enough for your redesign.
  • Get Choosy with Colors: Popular granite colors like brown and black are usually the most expensive, so look for offbeat shades for a better price.
  • Find Granite with Imperfections: Slabs with nicks or markings are often cheaper than intact pieces. Take detailed measurements of your bathroom and attempt to find a slab with flaws located exactly where holes need to be cut away for hardware or sinks. Sometimes trimming a large piece of imperfect granite can be cheaper than a flawless piece that is the perfect size.

Storage Solutions

Clutter can quickly take over a small bathroom space. Browse Pinterest or home décor magazines for inspiration on how to store your stuff on a budget. Instead of contracting expensive cabinets, try standalone wall shelves, stacking drawers, and hanging shower caddies.

Install a Bathroom Shower Enclosure

Bathroom with Bathtub and Shower Enclosure

To give your bathroom a new look for less, install a shower stall kit. Wall enclosures for the shower or bathtub come fully assembled and can be added directly over existing drywall. Construction is simple, and maintenance is even easier. Most enclosures are made from long-lasting acrylic, which means there is no grout to foster growth of mold or mildew.

Update Lighting

Adding the right lighting can brighten the look of any room. In the bathroom, layering light is the best tactic for creating a space that’s both well-lit and inviting. Try pairing task lighting, like vanity lights, alongside ambient light from a large central fixture such as a pendant or sconce.

If you plan to save money on upgrades by installing a bathroom shower unit, shop AmeriWall™ acrylic wall enclosures from American Bath Enterprises, Inc. We are committed to making the installation and renovation of bathtub wall enclosures affordable and simple. In addition to fully assembled enclosures, we also offer custom units for bathrooms of every size. To learn more, call (888) 228-4925 to speak to an ABE representative.