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Bathroom Summer Cleaning Checklist

Even the best-maintained bathrooms need a good deep cleaning every once in a while. The start of summer is the perfect time to do some much-needed home maintenance, and that includes giving your bathroom the cleaning it deserves.

If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve got some great cleaning tips that will have your bathroom looking spic and span by the time you’re finished.

1. Clean the Cabinets

Woman cleaning bathroom sinkBe honest: How often do you actually clean inside your bathroom cabinets? Sure, you probably scrub the outer doors to kill germs and keep things looking clean, but most people don’t give the inside of their cabinets anywhere near the same level of attention. A summer bathroom cleaning is the perfect time to clean those cabinets out. Remove everything from the shelves and throw away whatever you don’t need anymore or any products that have expired. Then, dust and scrub the shelves and inner walls with antibacterial cleaner to get them nice and clean.

2. Clean the Mirror

Want to clean the mirror in a way that makes it spotless but doesn’t leave behind unsightly streaks? Use a microfiber cloth with glass cleaner, and you’ll have a beautiful, clean mirror without any residue left behind.

3. Use Vinegar

Are regular cleaning products not giving you the cleaning power you want? There’s a secret, germ-killing ingredient that works great for cleaning bathrooms. Even better, it’s cheap and easy to find. White vinegar is a great cleaning solution to use on countertops.

Apply it liberally to the sink and other surfaces and scrub well. Another great use for vinegar: cleaning showerheads. Remove your showerhead and soak it in vinegar overnight, making sure the whole thing is covered. Rinse with water the next day, and you should have a sparkling clean shower head clear of blockages.

4. Sanitize the Garbage Cans

When was the last time you sanitized your bathroom garbage can? Like every other surface in the bathroom, your garbage can needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it from being covered in all the germs you can find there. Remove all the garbage from your trashcan, then give it a thorough clean with disinfectant. Scrub away any stains or residue in the can to make sure it’s totally clean.

5. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a bathroom clean requires lots of cleaners, sponges, and other products, and summer is the perfect time to stock up on all of them. Supermarkets and other stores usually have sales on cleaning products during the spring and summer, giving you the chance to save lots of money on all the cleaning supplies you’ll need for the year ahead.

6. Keep the Air Circulating

Woman cleaning bathroom sink faucetWant to save time on bathroom cleaning? It’s as easy as opening the windows. By keeping the windows open as often as possible, you’ll keep the moisture and heat from forming mold and incubating more bacteria. Keeping the fan running during and after baths and showers will also help.

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