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Bathroom Remodel Problems You Can’t See Right Away

A bathroom remodel project is a great way to update the look and appearance of your bathroom. Not only do you get a bathroom you enjoy using, but it also adds to the value of your home. Before beginning such a project, it is important to understand there could be certain issues and problems hiding in places you cannot see.

These problems are found under flooring, behind shower and tub tiles and walls, under fixtures, behind countertops and cabinets, and in other such places. It is not until after you start your renovation that you could uncover a wide range of problems. To help prepare you for the unknown, it is best to be aware of what you may find so you can plan accordingly.

Dirty Tiles in A Bathroom

Mold and Mildew

High humidity and dampness can lead to problems with mold and mildew in all sorts of places in the bathroom—even behind walls and under flooring. If you uncover mold and mildew, you need to determine the best way to get rid of it. If it is on drywall, the best solution is to simply replace the affected drywall.

If you find mold and mildew on the insulation inside your walls, it is easier to replace the affected insulation. With wooden supports, if they are not rotting, you can use various mold and mildew treatments to remove it. Afterward, make sure to seal the wood where the mold and mildew were present to help keep it from returning later.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Leaky Pipes
  • Accidental Tub Overfills
  • Cracks in Tubs and Showers
  • Damaged Faucets

Corner Shower Cubicle with sliding glass doors

You will want to repair any water-damaged areas prior to other renovation work. Part of fixing water damage is also determining the source of the water and fixing that too!

Old Plumbing

If your home is older, you could have older plumbing lines. This is a good time to upgrade the plumbing to avoid problems later. Even if there are no leaks, it does not mean a problem couldn’t be just right around the corner. What a shame it would be to invest all that time and money into creating a stunning bathroom only to have to tear it out to replace plumbing lines later.

Old Electrical Wiring

Depending on the age of your home, you may have older electrical wiring inside the walls. It is a good idea to update the wiring when renovating your bathroom. Doing so will allow you to install energy-efficient LED lighting, heated flooring, and GFCI outlets.

Drain Lines

Sometimes drain lines will be in the wrong location and need to be moved for your bathroom renovation. Even if you do not need to move your drain lines, it is a good idea to have them professionally cleaned by a qualified plumber. Cleaning them now while easily accessible will help avoid drainage problems later.

Whether you are doing a simple walk-in show remodel or a complete bathroom remodel project, being prepared for hidden issues and problems will ensure you have the least amount of surprises. Hopefully, you will not have any issues whatsoever.

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