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Bathroom Storage & Organization 101

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one thing all bathrooms have in common: they all have their organizational challenges. The good news is that you can accomplish your goal of bathroom organization in lots of creative ways.

Why Bother Organizing Your Bathroom?

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Living in clutter can elevate your stress levels. If you’ve been spending more time rifling through drawers or going in and out of your bathroom to find items than doing what you need to, you probably know what we’re talking about.

Organizing your bathroom will not only make it look cleaner but eliminate the need to conduct what feels like an archeological dig to find one item.

Tips for Bathroom Organization on a Budget

So, where should you begin when it’s time to start reorganizing your bathroom? Eliminating clutter is a good first step.

Eliminate Clutter

This is best tackled in stages. For example, declutter the bathroom shelves before moving to the vanity top or drawers. Make sure you remove everything and put it out where you can see it all, and organize it into three piles: what you’re keeping, what you can donate, and what you can throw out.

Place donation items in a box; throw out old, out-of-date, and partially used items right away; and then decide subcategories to give the remaining items, such as unopened first aid and beauty products.

Decide on Storage

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Your next step will be to choose how and where you’ll store your bathroom items. If you have existing storage, such as vanity drawers, consider how you can maximize this space. For example, drawer organizers are a great solution that’ll allow you to keep items in their own dedicated spots so they’re easy to find.

Organizers are also great for vanity tops, especially if you can find them in a caddy style that can be easily moved or put away when you’re finished with items. Shelves offer another very simple, but very effective way to reclaim precious vanity space while increasing item accessibility.

Baskets and boxes are an ideal storage solution; you can move them anywhere, and they also make a great accessory. Roll up bath and hand towels in baskets or on shelves for easy reach and visual impact.

In the Bath or Shower

If your bathing area is a few years old, your soap, shampoo, and other needed items may be precariously perched on your tub’s edges. Is there anything you can do that doesn’t require a renovation?

Absolutely! A bathroom enclosure that covers your shower walls and tub will include built-in shelving, providing plenty of room for all of your items. If you need more storage, an over-the-shower caddy can be just the thing.

American Bath Enterprises Can Help You Organize

American Bath Enterprises helps you step up your bathroom organization with items that transform your bathtub and shower. Visit us online or call (888) 228-4925 to learn more about our bathroom wall panels, window kits, ADA-compliant shower systems and accessories today.