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All You Need to Know About Walk-In Shower Kits

Walk-in shower kits are all the rage in bathroom renovation projects. This type of shower design eliminates having to climb over the tub edge or an elevated shower base. Some designs do have a slightly elevated curb on the side, which helps keep water in the shower pan.

Other designs are zero-entry, which means they are level with the bathroom floor. However, they may be slightly angled to draw water into the shower drain and keep it from running all over the bathroom floor.

Why Upgrade to a Walk-In Shower?

Double Sink Vanity With Large Mirror White Bath Tub

Honestly, how much do you use your current bathtub? Most people today do not sit and soak in the tub. If you could convert the space your tub current occupies into an open, walk-in shower with plenty of space, you will enjoy the upgrade.

Other benefits of upgrading to a walk-in shower include:

  • The option to install multiple shower heads/nozzles to enjoy water from every direction.
  • The option to install a bathroom-safe stereo system or flat panel TV.
  • The option to install color-changing LED lights.
  • The freedom to design a walk-in shower to fit your needs.
  • Keeping the shower clean is easier than a traditional tub/shower combos.
  • The perfect solution for small bathrooms to make them feel bigger.
  • Safer for kids of all ages with no risk of drowning.
  • Adds a sense of elegance and luxuriousness to the bathroom.

Does a Walk-In Shower Need a Shower Curtain?

Toilet Shower and Handrail For Elderly People

One feature found with walk-in showers is they do not need a shower curtain or sliding doors. The water remains pretty much inside the shower. However, if you want to prevent water from getting onto the bathroom floor, a popular choice is to install clear glass or clear acrylic walls on part of the shower. A shower door is also optional.

Added Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Shower Kits

With walk-in showers, you have a wide array of material choices, including glass, ceramic, and acrylic. Yet, if you want to save time and money and still have a great-looking walk-in shower, then using walk-in shower kits is highly recommended. You only have to worry about one side of the shower if you want a partial wall with or without a shower door.

Even if you have your heart set on a walk-in shower that is not white, you do have some flexibility with acrylic shower units. For instance, you could order a walk-in shower pan and shower enclosure kits to use for the walls. Once installed, you can cover the walls with vinyl sheets or tiles in the color you desire.

Another benefit people gain is they are ready if they want to age in place. As we get older, getting into and out of the tub/shower combo or an elevated shower base can pose safety issues and concerns. With a walk-in shower, this is not an issue. You can have grab bars, a seat to sit on, and an adjustable shower nozzle installed to make using the shower simple and easy.

To learn more about shower enclosure kits and walk-in shower kits, please feel free to explore our products on our website. Do not hesitate to call American Bath Enterprises, Inc. at 888-228-4925 if you have further questions or to order your walk-in shower for your home today!