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9 Clever and Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

With most people stuck at home with “shelter-in-place,” “stay-at-home,” and “safe-at-home” orders in effect, now is a great time to tackle some projects around the home. Areas that probably could use a little attention are the bathrooms in your home.

When was the last time you went through and cleaned out all the cupboards, cabinets, and drawers? You might be surprised what you find, like some extra rolls of toilet paper or paper towels you didn’t even realize you had!

As you go through the things in your bathroom, get rid of anything you no longer want, haven’t used, or don’t need. This will free up some space-saving storage you can use for other purposes. Once you have gone through everything, you may want to consider some of these creative bathroom storage ideas to maximize every bit of storage space.

1. Install a shelf under the sink/vanity.

If you have an open sink/vanity, you can take advantage of this space by installing a shelf. The shelf is great for bath towels, hand towels, and more.

2. Add shelving near the ceiling.

Most people waste all that space on the walls in their bathrooms. Install shelves that are high enough on the wall that you can easily reach items. These shelves are great for storing toilet paper, paper towels, bath towels, and other such things you buy in bulk.

Bathroom Storage Building by Caucasian Home Improvement Worker

3. Organize items under cabinets.

Get little storage “caddies” to separate cleaning supplies from personal hygiene supplies, and so on.

4. Install a sliding shelving system under cabinets.

If you don’t have to worry about plumbing lines in some of your cabinets, install a sliding shelving system to maximize the entire storage space.

5. Hang a shoe storage rack or storage rack on the back of the bathroom door.

Either of these storage options provides several useful functions. With the shoe storage rack, you could use it for bath towels, hand towels, a hairdryer, curling iron, and other such things. A storage rack could be used for extra bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and so on.

6. Repurpose empty tissue boxes for storage.

Take a small tissue box, remove the top, and then repurpose the box for keeping lotions, moisturizers, deodorant, and other such things. You could add material or shelving paper to the outside of the boxes to change their appearance.

7. Add a small bookshelf on top of the vanity counter.

Clean towels with soap dispenser on shelves in bathroom

If you are tired of having your everyday items spread out across the vanity counter, keep them neater with a small two- or three-shelf bookshelf on top of the counter.

8. Install shower corner shelves.

If you need more storage space in your shower, shower corner shelves are a great addition. You can even install more than one set to have plenty of storage space.

9. Repurpose a wooden ladder into a towel rack.

If you have w short wooden ladder you no longer use, give it a fresh coat of paint and lean it up against one of the walls in the bathroom for a towel rack. The steps on the ladder are also perfect for placing bottles of bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

By using these creative bath solutions, you can increase and optimize storage space in your bathroom to keep things neat and tidy.

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