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8 Small Powder Room Ideas to Give Your Tiny Powder Room a Spacious Look

If your home has a powder room, also called a half bath, it can seem rather boring and drab. Since this bathroom is often used by guests visiting your home, there are plenty of small powder room ideas to transform the space into a stunning bathroom space.

1. Brighten It Up

Most half baths can seem dimly lit and lack enough lighting. There are a few different options to bring more light into this small room. You could upgrade the existing lighting to LEDs in natural white light. Another option if your half bath is on an exterior wall is to install a window in the bathroom to bring in natural sunlight.

bathroom with wooden furniture and counter round mirror and white brick wall

2. Make It Bigger

You don’t have to do a full powder room remodel to make the half bath seem bigger. A great trick is to take mirrors of different sizes and hang them on the walls opposite each other. This will give the appearance that the room is much larger.

3. Add a Splash of Color

White, beige, taupe, eggshell, and other light colors can seem boring and plain. Popular powder room design ideas for color include using a high-gloss reflective paint on the walls, as the glossiness of the paint helps brighten up the room.

Paint the ceiling a different shade of a complementary color. Use the right color of flooring to put the finishing touches on the bathroom. Trendy powder room paint colors include indigo, blue, lavender, lilac, and emerald green.

If you are opting for rich, deep paint colors, use a lighter-colored flooring. If you are using pastels and other light-colored paints, then use a darker-colored flooring. Don’t forget to use colored accents like face towels and hand towels.

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Another trending small powder room design idea is to wallpaper the walls in outdoor scenery, like an ocean/beach, underwater, or forest setting. Wallpaper featuring outdoor backdrops helps make the powder room seem bigger too.

5. Black on Black with White Accents

If you like the color black and want to use it in the powder room, then go all out. The walls, ceiling, and flooring should all be black. Use the sink, toilet, and towels as your white accents. Gold also works well as an accent color and goes with black and white.

6. Get the Toilet Off the Floor

View from the top of small bathroom with brown tiles

If you are looking to free up some floor space, have your plumber remove the existing toilet and install a wall-mounted toilet. Making this simple change not only gives your bathroom more space but also can make it seem slightly bigger.

7. Transform the Half Bath into a Full Bath

If you have the extra space in your small powder room, you could consider installing a corner shower enclosure. Don’t be afraid to come up with a brand-new design for your powder room. For example, you may need to move the toilet, install the shower where the toilet is, downsize a large vanity to a smaller one, and have a wall-mounted toilet installed.

8. Ditch the Vanity Cabinet

The latest trend in powder room décor is using a vessel-style sink on top of a floating-counter. You can also repurpose an existing piece of furniture and use this for the countertop if you want to put your own personal influences into the powder room design and décor.

There are several great small powder room ideas to transform this space into a stunning room. No matter what you decide to do, remember to have fun when trying out new powder room design ideas.

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