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Remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting home project, but, if you’re not careful, it can become a source of emotional and financial stress. Many homeowners make small mistakes during the planning process that could lead to many problems down the road.

Luckily, we’ve compiled them alongside a few suggestions to help you avoid these mistakes and have a better remodeling experience!

Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes and Their Solutions

Here are the 8 most common bathroom remodel mistakes and what to do to avoid them:

1. Bigger Is Not Always Better

We all want a large bathroom design with proper ventilation and enough storage space, but, sometimes, making something bigger doesn’t mean improving it. In fact, increasing the square footage of your bathroom is just one of the few ways to make your space feel less cramped.

What matters the most is a good bathroom design, especially if you don’t have enough space to work with in the first place. The right colors, shapes, and mirrors can make a room feel bigger without using more square footage. It’s also a more affordable option compared to a full bathroom remodel, which is a must if you want it bigger.

If you’re unsure how to fit everything you want in a bathroom into your space, consult an interior designer or professional remodeler; they can help you plan a layout that makes more space out of less room.

2. Not Preparing a Flexible Budget

Planning your remodeling project means taking a hard look at your budget. However, no matter what you do, always expect the project to cost more. Unexpected issues such as mold, dry rot, antiquated plumbing, electrical problems, etc., can arise during the smallest and biggest projects. These issues will increase the final cost and even blow out your budget.

Planning to go over budget (and making sure you have the money available to go over budget) is the only way to be absolutely sure that your bathroom remodels will be completed and that you won’t spend a month using the gas station bathroom while you wait to be able to pay for repairs in your home to be done.

If you have two bathrooms you want to remodel, do one at a time. This will mean more time with strangers in your home, but it can make the entire experience more manageable.

3. DIY Installation Without Proper Training

Hiring a professional to handle your bathroom remodel project can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why some homeowners might choose the DIY route. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, there are many homeowners who can do a beautiful DIY bathroom remodel.

However, problems can come up quickly if you don’t have the necessary experience. A remodeling project requires knowledge of plumbing and wiring, and that’s not even considering the use of machinery and tools. Any mistake you make can lead to further expenses, or it could cause a serious accident.

There’s a reason plumbers, electricians, and other contractors go through training and certification—it takes skill and knowledge to properly remodel a home and install plumbing and electrical systems. Unless you have those skills and knowledge, it’s best to trust the task to those who do.

4. Forgetting About Air Circulation When Planning Walls and Ceilings

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Bathrooms with poor air circulation can turn a nice space into a dreadful experience, whether because of the smell or humidity after a relaxing bath or shower. If you’re planning on adding an additional bathroom, it should always be placed on an outside wall with a window that can be opened to let in fresh air and sunlight.

Remember, big windows are always a better choice than fan extractors, especially if you prefer a quiet space when showering. If that’s not possible, adding a skylight to the roof will achieve the same results while providing you with much-needed natural light and good ventilation.

With the right windows and skylights, you can also enjoy the most natural light possible. The more natural light you add to your bathroom, the bigger and less cluttered it will feel. It can also help reduce the need for artificial lights during the day.

5. Leaving the Bathroom Visible

There’s a reason most bathrooms aren’t visible from the living room, dining room, or sleeping area: Most people don’t want to look at a toilet when eating dinner or watching TV. The ideal bathroom placement creates a sense of privacy, and it’s usually separated from other rooms.

Remember to plan your bathroom renovation project with your ideal home layout in mind. It should be easy to access for everyone while remaining invisible when needed.

6. Not Considering Accessibility

Bathrooms are some of the most dangerous areas inside a home. That’s why one of the most important aspects to consider when remodeling a bathroom is accessibility. It’s especially necessary if you have someone with mobility issues at home.

Grab bars, shower stalls, and walking showers are the perfect way to make your bathroom safer for everyone. However, we also recommend choosing the right toilet seats and spacing your bathroom layout to allow movements for wheelchairs and caregivers alike.

ADA-compliant shower systems are another option for homeowners looking to make their bathrooms more accessible. Luckily, American Bath Enterprises has some of the most stylish and safe options on the market.

7. Opting for Inefficient Fixtures and Accessories

Environmentally friendly homeowners know that bathrooms can become a source of water inefficiency, especially when done on the cheap. Faucets, toilets, and shower heads can leak or use more water than necessary. Besides making your home less water-efficient, these inefficient fixtures can increase operating costs.

There are faucets, toilets, and shower heads designed to conserve water without compromising good performance. They will help you save money with the added benefit of a more efficient house!

8. Choosing the Wrong Storage Solutions

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We’ve already talked about the importance of understanding your bathroom space. Still, if you have a small bathroom, you might feel like there’s no hope for you. However, we are here to tell you that there’s no reason to despair.

Open shelves and toilet paper holders can quickly make a bathroom feel less cluttered. Additionally, adding a shower caddy can be an ideal solution for a small bathroom.

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