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5 Tips for Taking a Relaxing Bath

After a long, hard day, there’s no better way to unwind than a hot bath. Even just a short period of time soaking in the tub can melt the troubles of the day away and make us feel refreshed and ready to tackle what comes next. For those times when a regular soak just won’t cut it, however, it’s good to know some of the ways to make bath time even more relaxing and refreshing.

If you’re looking for a little something special to add to your bath, we’ve got a few helpful suggestions.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts is another name for magnesium sulfate, which is known for having many healing and rejuvenating qualities. When added to bath water, Epsom salts have been shown to relax the nervous system, restore the body’s pH balance, improve hydration, prevent muscle pain, and promote better sleep—not a bad list of benefits for one bath supplement. Just add 2 cups of Epsom salts to your bath water, and you’ll have a relaxing bath that’s also a healing remedy for many common ailments.

Woman smiling taking a showerBaking Soda

Not many people think of baking soda as having medicinal qualities, but it’s actually very effective for healing dry and itchy skin. Adding a small bit of baking soda to your bath will prevent itching and help heal dry or cracked skin. If you live somewhere with especially cold winters, a little baking soda in your bath can do wonders for keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy during the coldest months of the years.


There’s something about candles that makes adding them to any room in the house feel relaxing. It’s the reason why candlelit dinners are a staple of dates and romantic evenings and why lighting candles in the bathroom during a bath is an easy, effective way to create an ambiance that’s incredibly conducive to relaxing. Depending on how big your bathroom is you might need quite a few to light up the entire room, but the short time it takes to set everything up is more than worth it.

Essential Oils

Adding essential oils to your bath (a practice also known as aromatherapy) is another great way to make a bath even more relaxing than usual. It’s also incredibly easy to do. For instance, simply adding about 15 drops of eucalyptus oil will add a pleasing scent to the air that relaxes muscles and also clears the sinuses and helps relieve cold symptoms. If you’re not a fan of eucalyptus, there are plenty of other essential oil bundles out there.

Woman smiling while washing hairHerbal baths

Like essential oils, there are many varieties of herbal bath blends waiting for you to try. Some of the most popular include Roman chamomile and lavender, which helps with relaxation, or Rosemary and milk thistle for their ability to help the body detoxify. Herbal bath packets are also easy to use: Just put the pouch into your bathwater and let it soak.

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