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5 Subtle Mistakes That Instantly Cheapen Your Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom with Double Vanity Bathtub

A well-designed, well-organized bathroom can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort and functionality of your home. A great bathroom should not only look nice visually, but it should be designed with functionality and convenience in mind, including the right lighting, towels, and other bath products.

Whether you’re considering a full renovation of your bathroom, including a new shower kit, or simply want to make it more usable and visually appealing, we’ve got just the tips for you.

Keep reading to learn about five mistakes to avoid so that you don’t cheapen the look of your bathroom with poor interior design.

1. Poor Lighting

A poorly lit bathroom instantly cheapens the space. Having just a single sconce or vanity light often isn’t enough. If you want to spruce up the space, find ways to incorporate task and decorative lighting. For larger bathrooms, a light over the bathtub and shower is also a must.

Not only is natural light important, but strategically placed vanity and overhead lights are also a must. If your bathroom lacks natural light or there’s no option to add a mounted light option, consider a floor or even a table lamp.

When choosing lighting, make sure that the piece you choose fits the overall look and feel of the bathroom. These days, you’ll find all sorts of lighting fixtures, including modern, transitional, farmhouse, and others.

Feeling elegant? Add a mini chandelier over the bathroom tub for a truly luxurious space.

2. Not Having Enough Storage

Just like any other room in your home, storage in the bathroom is a must. No one likes a bathroom that isn’t functional or is full of clutter. There are all sorts of ways you can incorporate more storage in your bathroom, including the use of:

  • Shelves
  • Recessed wall cabinets
  • Baskets
  • Corner ladder
  • Over-the-toilet cabinet

You can also consider upgrading the shower enclosures in your home, which often have recessed shelves that are perfect for holding shower and bath products. By having plenty of storage in the bathroom, you can keep things tidy and clear.

3. Too Many Finishes

Using too many designs and finishes, especially in a small bathroom, can impact the flow and cohesiveness of the space. As a rule of thumb, you want no more than two finishes in a bathroom. To maintain the bathroom’s flow, keep all of the same floor materials, as well as the same materials on the walls, including those used in the shower surround.

If you’re looking to add a pop of color or want a focal point for the bathroom, consider using a different tile design in a shower niche or shelf. This is just enough to create some visual interest without going over the top.

4. Lacking Personality

blue bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles

All rooms in your home need to have their own ambiance and personality. In the bathroom, there are many ways that you can add a little something that makes the space exciting and fun to be in.

An unexpected light fixture, wallpaper, or even fresh greenery can spice up the space while also making it cohesive with the rest of the home.

5. Avoiding the Larger Projects

When changing the look and feel of your bathroom, it’s much easier to tackle the smaller things, such as replacing the vanity or adding new hardware. If you have an older bathroom, larger projects are a must. This means replacing the bathtub enclosure, painting the room, and possibly installing new flooring.

While these projects are more expensive, time-consuming, and difficult, if you want a modern bathroom that’s functional and welcoming, the bigger projects are a must.

Choose Us for All of Your Bathroom Needs

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So, whether you’re looking to upgrade a bathtub shower or have a walk-in shower to renovate, you can count on our team to help. Contact us at (888) 228-4925 to discuss your project needs.