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5 Fresh Ways to Shake Up the Look of a Bathtub/Shower Combo

A bathroom/shower combo that’s dingy, feels way outdated, and is no longer as spacious as you remember can definitely use something different. These 5 ideas will help you transform this well-used part of your bathroom in ways that may surprise you.

1. Brighten It Up

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Over time, the surfaces of your tub/shower combo can become dingy, even with regular cleaning. This is because dirt can seep below the surface. Before you know it, you have to face that dirty look every time you get in for a shower or bath.

You can instantly brighten the look of your tub/shower combo by replacing it with a new bathtub and shower surround. Really, you will be amazed by the difference just this one aspect can make to the look of your bathroom!

2. Frame It Differently

The floor of and walls of a tub and shower cover a larger surface area and will naturally be the first thing to draw your eye if they’re not looking their best. However, the covering around your window can also make a big difference.

Your shower window may have been under attack for years. Water, soap, and shampoo hit the sill and the sides, causing dullness and a dirty look. By replacing the window lining with a shiny new window kit, it can once again match the surfaces of your tub and walls.

3. Provide Opportunities to Stay Organized

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Organization may not be the first thing you consider when you think of bathroom enclosures, but maybe it should be. You may use several products or have more people using your shower than before. Whatever the reason, bottles, poufs, and other must-have bath and shower items can soon be piled everywhere.

The great news is that you can instantly make space in your combo by adding one or more shower corner shelves. A single shelf may be enough for you, or you may need more than one, but they can all be very easily installed.

4. A New Look, a Safer Shower

Maybe you already have a surround, but how many years ago was it installed? Although most of these surrounds are made to last for a number of years, accidents can and do happen, which can shorten its life—and the last thing you want is water seeping through your surround.

Replacing it with a new enclosed tub and shower combo will add that wow factor you’re looking for. Not only that, but you’ll no longer have to worry about costly hidden leaks. Talk about doing double duty!

5. Get Top-Quality Products That Last

Quality definitely matters where it comes to bath and shower enclosures. No matter if it’s a window lining, a shelf, or an entire enclosure, if it’s high quality, it will look and perform like it. An upscale tub shower combo from American Bath Enterprises won’t only look gorgeous, but it is built to last—and installing it is quick and easy, too. Don’t wait to upgrade your shower’s look. Call today: 1-888-228-4925.