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5 Bathtub Tile Ideas for Inspiration

Modern grey bathroom interior

When remodeling or updating your bathroom, not many decisions will be as important as choosing surround tiles. These tiles will play a crucial part in creating the ideal aesthetic for your bathroom because they will complement its hardware, colors, and lighting. So, if you are not a big fan of wood flooring, this guide is for you!

Bathtub Tile Surround Inspo

Here are some of the most popular bathroom tile ideas for your bathroom walls:

Make a Visual Impact with Geometric Tiles

To make it stand out, why not complement a plain white bathtub with geometrical bathtub surround tiles? Geometrical tiles will create a focal point for your bathroom while making it feel unique and modern.

These are some geometrical options for your bathroom tile wall surround:

  • Squares: Squares are among the most classic geometrical shapes for surround and floor tiles. When used in your bathroom, square geometric tiles will make your space feel more elegant, especially with a neutral color palette.
  • Triangles: Making your bathroom feel and look luxurious can be easily accomplished with a combination of triangle tiles and shades of gray. This combo is even more eye-catching when combined with iron hardware.

Use Subway Tiles in Classic Bathrooms

If you want to create the perfect classic bathroom aesthetic, combining subway tiles with your traditional bathtub is the ideal solution. Subway tiles are rectangular shaped to mimic the walls of old-fashioned subways, making your bathroom feel more old-fashioned.

Here are some tips on combining subway tiles and colors to create a perfect classic feel:

  • Mix colors up to add contrast and make your bathtub stand out. Although white subway tiles are the most popular options, adding contrast through black and white patterned tiles can be a more effective way to make your bathroom feel unique.
  • A monochromatic look can be a good option for most bathrooms. Using blue for your subway tile design can add a sense of elegance to the mix that few other tile colors can match.
  • Shades of the same color can be your best ally. Instead of using the same color for everything, adding shades of the same hue can make a small bathroom feel more spacious and welcoming.

Showcase Uniqueness and Luxury with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are not for everyone, but if you love bathrooms that are also pieces of art, they should be your go-to choice. By their very nature, mosaic tiles can create a grandiose focal point for your bathroom, enhancing your bathtub and creating an elegant environment.

Here are tips on how to add mosaic tiles to your bathtub surround:

  • Ensure you choose the right color. Mosaic tiles are elegant solutions for your bathroom, but they are also quite expensive. It’s always best to ensure you get the right design and color palette to prevent extra expenses down the road.
  • Understand your bathroom’s needs before choosing a mosaic tile. Because they are different from traditional tile surrounds, mosaic tiles require expert measurements. It’s always best to leave every aspect of your bathroom remodeling to the professionals.

Bathtub with stone walls and view to the woods

Bring Nature In with Stone Tiles

Most tiles are made of glazed clay or asphalt and glass. However, nature lovers can also choose tiles made of materials like marble and slate. Albeit more expensive, these tiles are more durable and stylish, creating the look and feel you can find in five-star hotels and mansions.

Here are some more luxurious alternatives to ceramic tiles:

  • Granite: A granite tile should be your first choice for the most modern and serious bathroom designs. This material is elegant and durable while remaining versatile.
  • Marble: Few tile materials can match marble’s iconic look and feel. Adding these tiles to your tub surround walls will make your bathroom stand out.
  • Onyx: Another popular option for tub surround tiles is onyx. This stone is as durable as granite and as stylish as marble, and it can be a more affordable choice.

A Bold Tile Choice for the Daring

There are no hard rules on the tiles you can use for your bathroom. If you want to combine different shapes, colors, and textures, it’s up to you. Creating a unique and bold environment that reflects your style and personality can be a better approach than simply following a trend.

For instance, instead of monochromatic or neutral color palette tiles, why not go in a completely different direction with a combination of bright colors? Think red, orange, purple, yellow, and more to make your bathroom feel more spacious while adding a sense of personality.

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