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10 Ways to How to Make a Bathroom Look Luxurious

There are several different trendy ways of how to make a bathroom look luxurious without having to have a big bathroom remodeling budget. Whether you are planning a master bath remodel or want to update the look of a guest bathroom, you can have the luxurious bathroom you dream of using these best-kept secrets.

Trendy Tip #1: Bring the outdoors into the bathroom.

Expensive trendy remodels have some outdoor elements in their design. You could add some bamboo plants, install a new window to let in more natural light, or hang up pictures of your favorite outdoor locations.

Trendy Tip #2: Upgrade to a rainfall showerhead.

Rainfall showerheads were trendy in 2019 and will continue to be in high demand for bathroom renovations in 2020. There are all different sizes and styles available.

modern shower with water pouring

Trendy Tip #3: Use glass for shower stall enclosures.

Shower stall enclosures that use solid walls can look plain and boring. Upgrade these to glass for a more upscale look and feel. You can use all glass or framed glass in a nice-looking metal frame.

Trendy Tip #4: Add more light by going white.

The color white can be simple and elegant at the same time. Use stylish fixtures, door handles, and accents to liven up white tubs, showers, cabinets, and countertops. For the walls, choose a light-colored paint that is not white. For your floors, consider light-colored faux wood vinyl.

Trendy Tip #5: Elevate the ceiling.

One popular trend is to use vinyl flooring that matches the color of the cabinets on the ceiling. For instance, if you have tiles for the bathroom floor and cabinets in a natural wood finish, for the ceiling, use vinyl flooring that is also in a similar natural wood finish.

Trendy Tip #6: Use mirrors of all different sizes and shapes.

One big, long mirror hung above the sink is a trend that is no longer popular or in style. Rather, the use of multiple mirrors in various sizes and shapes is trending right now. You can use rectangular, square, round, oval, or other such shapes on multiple walls.

Trendy Tip #7: Add some metallic-finished faucets that are not chrome.

Chrome faucets are out. What is popular are faucets in brushed nickel, copper, brass, and other such stylish colors. If you don’t want to worry about future bathroom upgrades, black metallic faucets are a great choice.

Trendy Tip #8: Marbleize acrylic shower and tub surrounds.

Sleek bathroom features freestanding bathtub front of glass shower

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have the appearance of marble shower and tub surrounds. All you need is some bathroom-friendly vinyl that you can press and place right over the acrylic. You could even use press-n-place vinyl flooring with a marble finish.

Trendy Tip #9: Lower light levels by going dark.

If your bathroom is overly bright because you have windows and multiple light fixtures, one trend to lower the light levels is to paint the walls in a dark color like navy blue. Use mid-to-light colored faux natural wood flooring and accents.

Trendy Tip #10: Paint bathroom cabinets and furniture.

A great trick to trendy bathroom cabinets and furniture is to paint them a new trendy color. Just make sure to pick a paint that is moisture-, mold-, and mildew-resistant.

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