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Just a brief note to say how grateful, I am for the installation of my new AccessaBath shower system. It certainly provides the bathing comfort and safety that I was looking for. In addition, I appreciated your assistance obtaining the required Rossmoor Property and the City of Walnut Creek building permits.

I also appreciated the courtesy and fine workmanship of your installers and of your field sales, service and office staff.

Fay S.

Rossmoor Walnut Creek, CA

If you want a good reference for your product, here it is! I've just finished installation of the AccessaBath shower enclosure and it's working out great! The panels are well designed and fabricated and easy to install, the pan is very sturdy and easy to level and all the hardware/plumbing fixtures fit the unit just right. My mom loves the seat and it folds down with ease. Your customer service and customized order was just what we needed. I took the time to find the website for a shower unit that would fit exactly into my unique space and I'm glad we found yours. .

Thanks for your great product - I already referred a friend and she bought the same unit for her dad. Let me know if you have a customer on the fence and I'll give them the same positive feedback. Good luck with your ongoing work.

Best regards,
Dan L.

Poulsbo, WA

With no time left on the building permit, and my reluctance to take on another messy tile job, I decided to search the internet for an easier solution to Eric's shower walls. I found many sites to buy shower wall enclosures but none of them could be trimmed to fit our odd-sized shower pan (32x32x42). I had almost given up when I googled: "custom-sized shower surround wall kits" one more time and presto! "American Bath Enterprises, Inc." came up. They offered 3-wall acrylic shower and tub surround kits that are trimmable and glue-able. Their "AmeriWall" product line (made in America) looks like what you see in motels and hotels---white simulated tile that is sparkling clean and easy to maintain. Perfect for a bachelor.

That conventional look wouldn't have been my choice for the rustic log house I built but will be practical for Eric who would rather be playing the piano than scrubbing tile and cleaning grout. The price was reasonable ($400 plus shipping) so I ordered the kit without hesitation. It was shipped from Hayward, California and arrived in only 2 days. The vice-president of the company, Larry Arcadi, was great to work with by email and by phone---personable, professional, and instructional. I was able to install the shower walls in a few hours---just as they claimed---and I am very pleased with the results! Eric got soaked again, but 4 piano tunings and it's paid for, so he's pleased too.

Best regards,
Dorothy Ainsworth

Ashland, OR

Just wanted to let you know that the shower enclosure and window kit arrived in good time and in A1 condition at Houlton, Maine, last October, and we were able to pick it up and bring it across the border to New Brunswick with no problem.

The fellow who installed it was very impressed with the way it went together and we are more than happy with the appearance and function - just what we needed to solve the problem of a window on the shower wall. The unit was installed at our cottage last October but we didn't get a chance to use it until a couple of weeks ago when we opened up for the summer. It has lived up to all our hopes and expectations. I have attached a couple of pictures of the unit installed in our renovated bathroom.

Thanks for all your help.

New Brunswick, Canada

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with your company. I recently purchased the tub/ bath surround for two of my units in Fremont and had them installed on Saturday August 27, 2005. Your salesperson came out and gave me a complete product overview, explained exactly what the install team would be doing, and gave me an accurate cost and time estimate.

On the day of the install, your workers were quick, courteous, clean and most of all, professional. The install was scheduled to take all day, but they were done in under four hours. The job looks fantastic. The cost was a fraction of a complete bath remodel that we were looking at and looks just as good if not better. We are selling this unit and will be making approximately 400% ROI on the cost of the new shower/tubs.

I couldn’t be happier with your company’s product, service, and follow through. I will definitely be doing business with you in the future and have already recommended you to two other people and expect to continue to do so whenever someone is looking to redo their bathrooms.

Andrew S.

Member- California Apartment Association

About a week ago I came to your showroom and purchased a 3 panel tub kit. The installation went perfectly and it looks great. Thanks for your help with the selection and the tips on how to do the installation.

Peter J

Berkeley, CA

I meant to drop you a line some time ago just to let you know about the tub surrounds I ordered last November. Just around that time, a neighbor was in the process of renovating two bathrooms and inquired if I knew where to find good quality tub surrounds. I told them about your product and suggested they may wish to wait and see them as I was expecting to receive the two I had ordered shortly. They were impressed and I ended up helping the husband install them. We were both amazed at how quick and easy it was. I checked with the lady of the house just last week, some three months after installation and she said they are extremely happy and thank their good fortune, as she put it, "we lucked into at just the right time". The folks for whom I had originally ordered had an opportunity to view the installed product and they liked what they saw, so I will be ordering a few more for them soon. I assume the ordering process will be the same. I'll send the request through to your sales desk. Once again thanks for your patience and help last fall. The people here who have seen your product seem very impressed and interested in it, as am I, and as said above I can attest to the short and easy installation process (which usually pleases everyone).

Keith B.

SK, Canada

Just had to let you know that I successfully installed my AmeriWall tub surround with a minimum of anguish and gnashing of teeth, mostly caused by dealing with out-of-square, out-of plumb walls. Once those anomalies were accounted for, I got the surround up in less than 2 hours. I am so impressed with the quality of you product and the ease of installation. The installation instructions were very thorough and you both gave me some great tips over the phone. Your help in getting the surround to Juneau and willingness to spend time with me on the phone is greatly appreciated. (I’ve saved all of Don’s instructions for ordering/shipping to Juneau.) You guys are the best and I won’t hesitate to recommend your product to anyone.

Thanks again for all your help,
Barb N.

Juneau, AK

Just thought I would let you know that our shower walls have been installed and they look just beautiful. We are so pleased and happy with the results, a few of our friends thought that we tiled our shower walls.

We found two wonderful fellows nearby who did a great job installing the walls and we are once again able to use this bathrooms shower.

Thanks, again for all your help and cooperation on this small project which sometimes seemed insurmountable.

Regards,Pat O.

Manahawkin, NJ

When I started looking for a bathtub wall kit to remodel our old 60's vintage green bathtub with plastic wall tiles (which leaked and soaked the wallboard behind them), I had difficulty finding a product that would enable me to retain the window above the bathtub. The outside of the house has vinyl siding and we couldn't put in a new window above a new tub surround (which is what apparently is normally done) because we couldn't find replacement matching siding to finish up the outside of the house where we would have had to board up the existing window. Also, our small bathroom would have seemed like a dark cave without the window. Thankfully, I finally came across your website and was excited to see that your 3-piece bathtub kit was trimmable, and that you had window kits available, so that we could keep our existing window. The bathtub wall kit arrived within 2 days from the date ordered. Our contractor had never installed one of your products before, but with your excellent, prompt responses to our questions, he did a wonderful job and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. I much prefer the simulated tile look of your product over other manufacturers' products we had viewed. After the window kit was installed, I put up a waterproof faux-wood, white blind in the window to allow for additional privacy when showering at night and to finish off the window treatment.

Your quality American-made product and your excellent customer service was so refreshing! Thanks again for a wonderful product and all your help! I couldn't be more pleased!

Nancy B.