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Frequently Asked Questions

Are AmeriWall™ enclosures in stock?

  • We have a large inventory which can be picked up at our facility in Hayward, California, or shipped to you
  • Custom walls require 2 to 3 business days to manufacture

Are custom size AmeriWall™ bath and shower enclosures available?

  • Custom size enclosures are available for an additional charge

Can AmeriWall™ be cut or trimmed to fit my application?

  • TA and SA models are designed so the left side of the back wall can be trimmed to the width of the application
  • Modifications are not recommended to the bottom or outside edges of AmeriWall™.
  • Tops and sides of our enclosures can be trimmed using our Trim Cap to cover the open edges

Can AmeriWall™ be installed over tile or other enclosure materials?

  • Our unique 3/4" thick AmeriWall™ should only be installed over building code approved sheetrock or wallboard materials

What colors are available?

  • AmeriWall™ enclosures are available in white

What is the AmeriWall™ surface finish?

  • AmeriWall™ has the look of 4" textured, ceramic tile with simulated grout lines

What is the difference between TA, TG and SA models?

  • TA & TG bath enclosures are designed to be installed over most industry standard bath tubs. TA enclosures can be trimmed on the left side of the back wall and right side wall.
  • SA shower enclosures are designed to be installed over most industry standard shower pans

Are molded soap dishes available on all AmeriWall™ enclosures?

  • Bathtub enclosures are manufactured with a standard style bath tub soap dish on the center of the back wall at 6" height
  • Shower enclosures can be manufactured with or without an elongated shower style soap dish. Soap dish can be located on the either side wall
  • Optional corner shelf units for soap bars and shampoo bottles can be installed in the left or right inside corner

Can I install an AmeriWall™ or AccessaBath system myself?

  • AmeriWall™ is very easy to install by following our installation instructions
  • AccessaBath shower system requires the basic plumbing skills necessary skills to install a water control valve and a shower pan

Will AmeriWall™ crack or discolor over time?

  • More than 80,000 AmeriWall™ enclosures installed
  • No evidence of short term or long term cracking or discoloration

What is the warranty?

  • Five (5) year warranty from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects

What is the shipping cost for an AmeriWall™ or AccessaBath shower system?

  • Varies depending on the model, quantity and shipment destination
  • Call our toll free number at (888) 228-4925 for an estimate

What types of payments are accepted?

  • We accept Cash, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Cashier's Check or Bank Wire Transfer